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Synonyms for tortoiseshell

the mottled horny substance of the shell of some turtles

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a cat having black and cream-colored and yellowish markings

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I wanted to combine the contemporary, feminine oval shapes that are ergonomic to touch with tortoiseshell caps chosen by Marc as an expression of long life and Italian style," Magnani explains.
It has big daisy-like fragrant flower heads with a central orange-brown cone that makes a great landing pad for comma and small tortoiseshell butterflies.
Small tortoiseshell butterflies were seen in almost 40% of gardens, and brimstone butterflies were spotted in a third of gardens - both up from around a quarter of gardens in 2014, and record highs since recording began in 2003.
DAISY BLACK TORTOISESHELL CLASSIC AVIATOR CANNES BLACK CANNES TORTOISESHELL CHAMPION Title Total Codes RRP Quantity to buy (First Pair Free) Colour Preference (please tick) Offer Price PS7.
Spring's most covetable shapes play with tortoiseshell frames for a look both dynamic and classic.
Species such as the continental swallowtail and the large tortoiseshell were all seen in Britain in 2014, following an unprecedented series of immigration and emergence of exotic butterflies.
Her velvet, tortoiseshell fur and gentle welcome persuade visitors to experience a lap-full of harmony.
London, May 20 ( ANI ): A 24-year-old tortoiseshell cat in Bournemouth, England has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest cat.
A lovely tortoiseshell, he also has a brother called Bear.
com | Ripley brown tortoiseshell glasses PS15 at River Island | Light blue aviator sunglasses PS15 at River Island | Sunglasses PS9.
Wear the classic black glasses from Ozeal to match a tasteful and gentle Britain, the Baroque inspired glasses to dance with the romantic French, and the classy tortoiseshell glasses to make friends with independent and free America.
Their eyewear, for one, as clients of the luxury French tortoiseshell artisan, Bonnet.
A garden favourite, the small tortoiseshell, did particularly badly last year, with fewer than one butterfly seen per kilometre walked by recorders.
Metro offers a choice of four attractive frame colors that allow both men and women to express their personal style, Colors are glossy black, soft caramel, vibrant pink or tortoiseshell.
A wild, though not unkempt, area that replicates the environment butterflies most love, filled with grasses, thistles (and nettles) would certainly attract several species into your garden including the peacock and the small tortoiseshell.