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KARACHI -- The wildlife department raided a bird market in Liaquatabad on Thursday and recovered 154 rare tortoises kept for illegal sale.
1 February 2018 - California, US-based private equity firm Lovell Minnick Partners has closed the buy out Kansas, US-based energy investment management services Tortoise Investments, the company said.
Tortoise has announced the promotion of Diane Bono, Jeremy Goff and Brent Newcomb to the role of Managing Director, the company said.
Loosely based on true-life events, Bubby's Puddle Pond: A Tortuga's Tale of the Desert is a gentle, softcover children's picturebook about the adventures of a young desert tortoise adopted as a pet.
Humans drove it to extinction about 150 years ago but the Floreana Island tortoise is getting a second chance after scientists found reptiles with genes from the lost species living around a volcano on a neighboring island.
USA], August 6 (ANI): US researchers have revealed that roadside fencing, which is meant to help desert tortoise, can actually overheat them leading to their death.
A battle between the desert tortoise and the United States military has reached a detente in the sun-parched Mojave Desert of southern California.
In addition to my three Labradors, 60 sheep, eight hens and two pigs, the Paterson family also have a pet tortoise called Speedy.
Summary: Giant tortoise taken as pet by British family in Al Reef Villas evokes dread and awe among children
25 April 2016 - US-based investment adviser Tortoise Credit Strategies, LLC has acquired US-based fixed income boutique Bradford and Marzec, LLC along with key Bradford and Marzec employees through a Tortoise-supported management buy-out, the firm said.
Still, this harsh, arid landscape is inhabited by a rich diversity of species, including the federally threatened Agassiz's desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii).
For example, during a 1980 study in San Bernardino County, California, 164 desert tortoise burrows were assessed for vulnerability to trampling by domestic sheep (Ovis aries).
Lets go to the river and fish," said the monkey to the tortoise.
A gopher tortoise will use its claws to dig out of its home underneath the sandy dirt.
THE SOUTH Wales-based founder of the International Tortoise Foundation has warned a charming Roald Dahl TV adaptation that melted viewers' hearts could end in tragedy.