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a small piece of tortilla

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Residents and staff members reported that tortilla chips served at the lunch tasted and smelled like chemicals.
Snack Factory, the Snyder's-Lance division known for Pretzel Crisps, has reimagined the tortilla with Snack Factory Tortilla Chips, the brand's first snack innovation beyond pretzels.
Founded by Larry Deal, CoPak is a tortilla chip manufacturer in the United States.
Market research firm Kantar said tortilla chip sales grew 12 per cent over the past year.
com)-- A family-owned, innovative snack brand offering the only tortilla chips made with antioxidant-rich purple corn, is headed west.
html) Twitter contest A could win 66 11-ounce bags of Doritos Locos Tacos Nacho Cheese-and-Crunchy Taco-flavored tortilla chips and 66 11-ounce bags of Doritos Locos Tacos Cool Ranch-and-Crunchy Taco-flavored tortilla chips valued at $566, ahead of the launch.
BIG BITE: The team in Southport with the enormous tortilla chip
Tyrrells is taking on Doritos with the launch of a range of tortilla chips with an English twist.
During processing, most of the fumonisins in the raw corn are diverted into waste byproducts, lowering the concentration of fumonisins in the tortilla chips by as much as 80%.
the natural tortilla chip segment is 40% larger than the natural potato chip segment.
United Biscuits UK is launching a challenger to PepsiCo's Doritos under its McCoy's brand, in the form of an unusually ridged tortilla chip that it hopes will become an everyday snack.
A new tortilla chip now available at health-food stores offers 500 mg of ALA omega-3 oil per ounce.
The company will be targeting the bakery shelves for branded and private label opportunities for their tortilla wraps, as well as entering the snacks sector with a range of tortilla chip products.
HAS ADDED BLACK BEAN TORTILLA CHIPS to its line of tortilla chip snacks.
Guiltless Gourmet -- a leader in the "baked, not fried" tortilla chip category for 20 years -- is offering consumers the chance to win a "guiltless" trip to Sin City.