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small ring-shaped stuffed pasta

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Chef Brooks prefers to buy his, and he favors green tortellini stuffed with cheese.
Remove sauce from heat and keep warm until tortellini is ready.
Giovanni Rana has just arrived in the UK with six delicious fresh-filled tortellini and ravioli varieties.
64 [pounds sterling] and fresh penne pasta in 250g packs or filled tortellini at 1.
Meat-filled tortellini in a cream and Parmesan cheese sauce fills the first pie.
Jumbo Spinach Tortellini with Chicken Basil Tomato Sausage: Sauteed with yellow and green squash, roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts all tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce and topped with romano cheese.
Rely on savvy shortcuts such as canned beans, broths (use low-sodium varieties to control salt) and all kinds of tomatoes, prepared fresh items like sliced mushrooms and pre-washed spinach, along with frozen vegetables, noodles, rice, meatballs, tortellini, rice, cooked chicken and more to make homey soups in a jiffy.
Dampen the edges with water and fold the pasta over and around your finger to create a sealed tortellini.
There are two flavours, Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with a Tomato and Herb Sauce, which is suitable for vegetarians, and a Ham and Cheese Tortelloni with a Tomato and Bacon Sauce.
The company's frozen four cheese ravioli, beef ravioli, tri-colored tortellini and cheese tortellini are now in freezer cases in Albertson's supermarkets throughout California, in Oregon, the state of Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada -- virtually the entire Western U.
There are also some interesting takes on the theme like Jo's Fried Chicken Salad; Ella's Chicken Salad Log (baked in a puff pastry sheet); Chicken and Cranberries With Green Pea Mousse; Maxiene's Wild Rice and Chicken Salad; Tortellini Chicken Salad and more.
The range includes: tortellini came and cappellini prosciutto, panzerotti funghi, tortellini verdi with ricotta cheese, fresh egg tagliatelle and fettucene, and spinach and fresh gnocchi potato dumplings.
99 and include Citrus Broiled Shrimp and Fresh Asparagus grilled and drizzled with creamy basil pesto and served with baby greens and fresh strawberries tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette; Fresh Asparagus and Potato Cake Benedict topped with poached eggs, broiled fresh asparagus, hollandaise sauce and served with fresh strawberries and melon; Fresh Asparagus Omelette made of three eggs with diced asparagus, tomatoes and onions and topped with jack cheese, broiled asparagus spears and tomato cream; Jumbo Spinach Tortellini sauteed with fresh asparagus, yellow squash and artichoke hearts tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce and topped with Romano cheese; and Tender Lamb Shank braised with red wine, garlic & herbs and served with mashed potatoes and pan vegetables.
He stuffs ground veal into his tortellini and floats them in a fragrant broth for a tasty, steaming version of the traditional tortellini in brodo ($7.
The vending machines, which are provided and serviced by Canteen, will dispense popular Amy's Kitchen food lines such as pesto tortellini bowls, ravioli bowls, enchilada meals and breakfast entrees, ranging between $2.