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Synonyms for torso



Synonyms for torso

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Torso is expected to ship the device in April or May, the report added.
37 meter tall (about four foot) diorite stone torso in 1905 and it was put on display from 1926 in the Berlin Royal Museum.
He has now travelled to London for a photo shoot and his topless torso is in Heat's Christmas edition.
Torsoism: It costs $5 to leave a 3 Leg Torso concert early.
The crowd of visitors in Small Museum for Brave Art, 2000, for example, is overshadowed by a monumental series of torso casts, while In the Louvre--The House of Opportunity, 2003, depicts a vast architectural model of the titular museum.
The torso section can be deflated by disconnecting the one-way valve, allowing easy placement of the bedpan.
In the new study by Christenson's team, only 60 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers occurred there, with most of the others showing up on the torso.
The youth was stabbed once in the leg and twice in the torso during the attack about 8 p.
POLICE launched a murder hunt last night after a human torso was found floating in a canal.
The athlete then flexes the torso forward to a position where the back is approximately parallel to the floor (Photo 4).
From the East Frieze the complete figures of Hera and Zeus at the BM, but the torso only of Iris, her head having remained in Athens.
The experienced former lawman, well aware of what was happening, deftly pulled his own gun and fired a shot that struck the armed antagonist in the upper torso.
Reach your arms above your shoulders on the floor, lengthening in your waist by reaching your arms away from your torso.
Launched at the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the fibreglass torso can be fitted with four types of breast implants, all containing different tissue anomalies, which mimic how lumps feel in real breasts.