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large edible marine fish of northern coastal waters

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the ratio of ling (Molva molva) and torsk (Brosme brosme) to rocklings (Ciliata or Gaidropsarus species), wrasse (Labridae) and cottids (Cottidae).
Statistical comparison of the Pictish and Viking Age assemblages indicates significant differences between the two periods for the NISP of fish bone, the ratio of cod to saithe and the ratio of ling and torsk to rocklings, wrasse and cottids (TABLE 2a).
The non-significant results for ling and torsk versus rockling, wrasse and cottids in this case may simply reflect the decrease in sample size due to the exclusion of St Boniface.
Earlier, the Faroese quota for other species in Icelandic waters had been cut from 6,000 to 5,000 tons: 1,000 tons less torsk, 700 tons less cod, 200 tons less halibut and 100 tons less Greenland halibut.
More firm-textured fish, such as torsk, snapper, and halibut, are preferred in seafood soups or other dishes that require stirring.
From photographs and description, the fish has been identified as a torsk and was between 3 1/2 -4ft in length.
the deep water fishery for larger cod, ling, saith, hake and torsk, the bones of which dominate the archaeological samples, may have been aimed at surplus production for exchange, in addition to providing food for the fishermen.
virens) 826 haddock (Merlanogrommus aeglefinus) 33 209 whiting (Merlangius merlangus) 4 3 torsk (Brosme brosme) 8 41 rockling (Antonogadus/ 19 Ciliata/ Gaidropsarus) ling (Molva cf.