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measuring instrument designed to measure small forces by the torsion they exert on a thin wire

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As described in detail in [1], the torsind device resembles a classical torsion balance but has a very light aluminium disc (diameter: 120 mm, weight: approx.
Torsion balance measurements can be generally influenced by changes in the local environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure or electromagnetic fields.
stainless steel (s/s) wire from the beam of the torsion balance (Fig.
The greatest change affecting experiments was probably due to evaporation increasing the density of the seawater and its level relative to the torsion balance, however the changes were slow and the rate of change constant.
Einstein |1949~, however, seemed to contradict himself when he affirmed that the equivalence between inertial and gravitational mass was empirically known from Eotvos' accurate experiments with a torsion balance which gave highly precise results.
The aim of EPF |1922~ was to inquire into the proportionality between inertia and gravitation using the torsion balance to establish that gravitational attraction was independent of the nature of bodies.
The most common, and historically original, method for doing this is to use a torsion balance in which a fiber provides a predetermined resistance to rotation.
Winfried Michaelis and his group at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, Germany, also used a torsion balance in which an electric force compensates for the gravitational force between pairs of masses (see diagram).
In basic form, a torsion balance consists of two weights connected by a horizontal rod (a dumbbell) suspended by a long, thin fiber.
Henry Cavendish made the torsion balance famous in 1798 by using it to measure the sideways pull of laboratory masses for the first determination of the "mean density of the Earth.
The torsion balance apparatus was first used by Cavendish in 1798 in a very simple form which permitted him to reach an unexpected accuracy.
Among the methods described there are: a torsion balance where the gravitational torque is balanced by an electrostatic torque produced by an electrometer; a torsion-strip balance where the fibre is substituted by a strip; a dynamic method based on a rotating torsion pendulum with angular acceleration feedback; a free fall method where the determination of G depends on changes in acceleration of the falling object, etc.
A torsion balance registers forces, values of which are about [10.
Anyhow, the exact numerical value of the energy-momentum constant [mu] will be ascertained from special measurements with a torsion balance.
In this case four samples, two to copper and two of beryllium, were arranged at the corners of a square and hung by a single wire in a torsion balance.