torsion balance

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measuring instrument designed to measure small forces by the torsion they exert on a thin wire

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Torsion balance measurements can be generally influenced by changes in the local environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure or electromagnetic fields.
Observations of the astronomical phenomena by torsion balance.
Precise underground observations of the partial solar eclipse of 1 June 2011 using a Foucault pendulum and a very light torsion balance.
Observations of correlated behavior of two light torsion balances and a paraconical pendulum in separate locations during the solar eclipse of January 26th, 2009.
Winfried Michaelis and his group at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, Germany, also used a torsion balance in which an electric force compensates for the gravitational force between pairs of masses (see diagram).
The torsion balance apparatus was first used by Cavendish in 1798 in a very simple form which permitted him to reach an unexpected accuracy.
Among the methods described there are: a torsion balance where the gravitational torque is balanced by an electrostatic torque produced by an electrometer; a torsion-strip balance where the fibre is substituted by a strip; a dynamic method based on a rotating torsion pendulum with angular acceleration feedback; a free fall method where the determination of G depends on changes in acceleration of the falling object, etc.
In 1927 Heyl [2] made a benchmark measurement with a heavy torsion balance to the aim of establishing a firm value of G.
In 2004 a new torsion balance configuration with four attracting spheres located within the vacuum chamber ([p.
Anyhow, the exact numerical value of the energy-momentum constant [mu] will be ascertained from special measurements with a torsion balance.
In particular, for instance, if a torsion balance registered the repulsing/attracting wave pressure [[?
Even heating up bodies and cooling down bodies gave the same thermal influence, moving the balance in opposite directions, according to the theory, so the discovered phenomenon is outside thermal influences on torsion balance.