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a tortuous and twisted shape or position

a twisting force

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Transverse viewing of the spermatic cord with CDU showed a counter-clockwise testicular torsion (Fig.
In general, the T-[theta] curves obtained from laboratorial tests on RC beams (with current reinforcement ratios) under pure torsion lead to a typical T-[theta] curve (Figure 2).
Testicular torsion was first described by Delasiuave in 1840 and the first review article on isolated case reports was written in 1901 by Scudder.
Torsion Fork's The Paper Fox was a perfect fit," said Scott Greenberg, CEO of Bento Box Interactive, "With the compelling story, Jeremy's unique art style, and BBI's interactive storytelling platform all in one app, we seek to entertain and delight audiences of all ages.
We used a butt joint to join the three torsion boxes and miter joints on the four corners on both faces and at the four corners on the ends.
The Torsion shower doors fuse functionality with structural integrity and design.
Seshadri S, Morris A, Uchil D, et al: Bilateral paratubal cysts with co-existent fallopian tube torsion in an adolescent.
After stiffness tests of the body structure of the experimental car in static bending and static torsion the obtained results were analyzed by comparing them with the established stiffness norms of the body structures [2].
Researchers compared 45 pediatric patients who had adnexal torsion confirmed at the time of surgery vs.
The Astec trencher design features a flywheel, torsion shaft and planetary gearbox for smooth operation and long life.
Torsion of testis: Characterised by sudden onset of severe testicular pain with nausea and vomiting followed by swelling of the testis.
Testicular torsion (TT) is one of the pediatric emergency conditions which require immediate attention.
Torsion is an anatomical hallmark of the gastropods that makes them look like their bottom halves were rotated 180 degrees relative to their top halves, putting their anuses over their heads.
Sheppard Holdings, LLC will hold the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute and sell an innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) systems developed by Torsion Tec, a British Columbia company.