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Synonyms for torsion

a tortuous and twisted shape or position

a twisting force

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Lee Spring Torsion springs exemplify their "complete spring" concept with many options as standard, covering angular orientation and many leg types to suit common applications.
The torsion suspension undercarriage features torsion axles that dampen vibration, combining the comfort of roller suspension and the stability of a solid mount undercarriage with other new features to provide a tracked loader with higher performance.
Porti ([8]) has investigated the Reidemeister torsion of M associated with the adjoint representation Ado[Hol.
The idea of torsion and taping is not a new idea, it is present in some of our classic products and in other fields, such as Martial Arts.
Ovarian torsion is the twisting of an ovary on its ligamentous support, which can lead to compromised blood supply.
12 April 2017 - US-based bearings and mechanical power transmission products maker The Timken Co (NYSE: TKR) has acquired US-based torsional couplings manufacturer Torsion Control Products, Inc.
Neonatal torsion is the result of inadequate fixation of the gubernaculum, the structure that leads the testis into the scrotum during testicular descent and anchors the testis to the inferior aspect of the scrotum (Basta et al.
Acute gallbladder torsion with gangrene and cholelithiasis is an extremely rare condition.
Twisted ovarian pedicle is seen s/o torsion of ovary.
3 IT CAN CAUSE TESTICULAR TORSION TESTICULAR torsion is a condition where the testicles become twisted internally.
The patient suffers from tibial torsion and this report summarises the journey of the podiatrist to its conclusion.
WORK will start this month on a student accommodation development in Edgbaston - one of three by Birmingham contractor Torsion after it secured PS17 million worth of new contracts.
Torsion will lead development of this student block on the Calthorpe Estate
To the Editor: Omental torsion can be classified as primary or secondary according to etiology and may be localized in the greater or lesser omentum.