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a unit of pressure equal to 0.001316 atmosphere

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Zila Williams, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court Martin was of previous good character but Torr had a previous conviction for battery after attacking Mr Jones's step-dad the month before the stabbing.
41) Continuing to work on the project as far as other responsibilities allowed, the post-war book Torr planned grew ever more all-encompassing, and finally proved beyond her.
The normal P(A-a)O2 gradient, which is age-specific, is about 10 to 15 torr when a person breathes room air.
Torr was awaiting more information and the certification when Presstek announced that it would be discontinuing its analog operations.
Quatre pressions differentes, partant de 60 Torr a la pression atmospherique, et deux temperatures d'air de reacteur differentes de 130[degrees]C et 420[degrees]C, sont considerees.
The air pressure at 10,000 feet is, indeed, about 523 torr.
Antiquarian Torr provided Victorian England the first and most authoritative guide to the Greek island off the coast of Asia Minor, with this and a volume on modern Rhodes.
The ideological content of this documentary is articulated primarily by three different characters: Diane Torr, a performance artist and one of the earliest drag kings; Judith Halberstam, a butch lesbian and gender theorist whose scholarly work has focused on female masculinity; and Del LaGrace Volcano, a trans photographer, filmmaker, and self-described gender terrorist.
The battery-powered instruments can display readings in mbar, torr and hPa and the logged measurements can be downloaded into the supplied VacuGraph Windows software.
At the Society, under the critical gaze of BBC Online environment correspondent Alex Kirby and the honed editorial eye of Geographical deputy editor Geordie Torr, their task was to research, write and produce news articles with a geographical flavour for our popular award-winning website Geography in the News.
The venture is a partnership between Carol Torr, who has run a successful bed and breakfast enterprise in the town for a number of years, and daughter-in-law Ffion, who has left her teaching job to try to make a splash as an entrepreneur.
This rambling trip takes us from New York's famed Club Casanova to London's community of self-described "new men" and back again, introducing us to the film's main subjects--noted drag king photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, Berlin performance artist Bridge Markland, and New York drag kings Dred Gerestant, Diane Torr, Storme Webber, and Mo B.
The HR-V vacuum series is rated up to 10-7 Torr and the HR-UV is rated up to 10-10 Torr.
Mr Richard Torr, Wynnstay's arable seed product manager, said, ``It is difficult to produce a blueprint for successful second wheats, but Mr Whitfield's crop has been close to the ideal.
The scroll vacuum pump is capable of 1 torr vacuum and has a displacement of 3.