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Synonyms for torque

a twisting force

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HAL FOSTER: "The Matter of Time," your permanent installation of eight sculptures commissioned by the Guggenheim Bilbao, stems from the Torqued Ellipses begun in 1996.
RICHARD SERRA: When I began the Torqued Ellipses, I was concerned less with making one definitive sculpture than with making an entire body of work.
Then another series of tests is begun where the joint is torqued to 75% of the failure point.
If your truck has been upgraded with a suspension kit, or if you have an A2 model, 3/8-24 bolts, NSN 5305-01-412-5994, should be installed and torqued to 37 lb-ft.
This retrospective of 20 years of Carl Toth's work is called "Slightly Torqued," that is, convoluted or twisted.