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a wrench that has a gauge that indicates the amount of torque being applied

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NYSE: SNA) has acquired Carol Stream, Illinois-based torque wrench maker Sturtevant Richmont for approximately USD 13m in cash, the company said.
All these measurements are inch-pounds, not foot-pounds, and you can't use a "light touch" with a torque wrench calibrated to foot-pounds and do anything but mess up a scope installation.
But that's especially true if you have the kind of torque wrench that clicks.
Catering for both UK and global customers, the new base provides it with world-class facilities, incorporating unparalleled extra rental stock, the UK's largest torque wrench calibration facility, with 16 calibration rigs, and a larger, better equipped workshop for a more efficient service.
My suggestion is to buy a torque wrench and just one of the levels you'll need.
Second, even if the screw was really tight, buying a torque wrench in order to loosen it was totally unnecessary.
Then a special torque wrench is used to tighten the nut.
3M ESPE states that the wrench's custom torque markings provide a continuous readout while the graduated torque wrench helps maintain appropriate torque levels during the MDI placement procedure.
Traditionally, a torque wrench is used to tighten bolts to the required degree.
At the 2010 Automechanika, the firm showcased several instrument-level products, including digital torque meters for aligning torque values of industrial (production line) pneumatic screwdrivers, as well as torque wrenches and torque wrench testers for auto repair shops and automobile production lines.
Torque wrench is a tool which has to be calibrated once a year or twice a year in some cases.
socket becomes a precision torque wrench when applied to the clamping device.
A hex end on the nut and available torque wrench allow for exact calibration to meet 35 in/lbs or 55 in/lbs.
At one end, it attaches to multipoint or peg-style barrel nuts on barrels up to 1" in diameter, and the torque wrench can be fitted into the 1/2" square-slot opening.
But, the garage "foot-pounds" torque wrench is usually too much gun.