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Synonyms for torpidity

a deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity

Synonyms for torpidity

a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility

inactivity resulting from lethargy and lack of vigor or energy

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The much more ambitious Short-Tempered Clavier is a welcome relief from such musical torpidity. This is P.
Strategies in cold: natural torpidity and thermogenesis.
Although it now leaves her at the mercy of powerful men, her torpidity is a post-traumatic, residual manifestation of the violent episode(s) precipitating her hysteria.
Mild winters may engender higher mortality, because of less time being spent in torpidity and hence a greater need for food.
By dealing with (and according equal weight to) Ottoman involvements in both peace and war Aksan's study achieves the important objective of injecting life into a period of Ottoman history (1730-80) that was formerly best known for its torpidity. For this alone it deserves recognition as a milestone in the study of eighteenth-century Ottoman realities.
These optimistic assertions comport fully with Greenberg's invocation of Paul Freund's vision of courts as the "substations" of social change(25) -- hopeful conclusions indeed given the torpidity with which our society has realized the mandates of the desegregation decisions and indeed of most civil rights laws.(26)
(27) E.g., |On the torpidity of the Swallow Tribe, When They Disappear', Miscellanies (London, 1781), esp.
Theories of the connection between bank failures, monetary contraction and the more general macroeconomic torpidity were widespread and varied.
The horrors of addiction and torpidity of drug scenes are depicted in stark realism.
To his credit, third-time franchise director Justin Lin tries to make amends for the midpoint torpidity with a breathtaking climax which possibly destroys more vehicles than any other chase in history.
No 'jargon ridden pleonasm' here, as Martin's friend Evan might observe, and no turgid torpidity either.
merriami in south Texas enters a state of torpidity during winter or simply restricts the majority of its activity to underground.
Between England's brief purple patch and France's eleventh-hour rally the game slipped into the same torpidity which had gripped the first half and the fizz which should have accompanied an England win went distinctly flat as the outcome became apparent so early.