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Synonyms for torpid

Synonyms for torpid

lacking responsiveness or alertness

lacking mental and physical alertness and activity

Synonyms for torpid

slow and apathetic

Related Words

in a condition of biological rest or suspended animation

References in classic literature ?
The multitude finally comprehended that the Russians would not put to death a body of twenty thousand men, without arms, torpid, stupid, unable to defend themselves; and each man awaited his fate with horrible resignation.
As to my being a torpedo, if the torpedo is torpid as well as the cause of torpidity in others, then indeed I am a torpedo, but not otherwise; for I perplex others, not because I am clear, but because I am utterly perplexed myself.
On the other hand, those steadfast natures which can better be depended upon, which in a battle are impregnable to fear and immovable, are equally immovable when there is anything to be learned; they are always in a torpid state, and are apt to yawn and go to sleep over any intellectual toil.
There may be things stirring beneath that torpid brain of yours of which no other person knows save yourself.
The bold and reckless young blood of ten-years back was subjugated and was turned into a torpid, submissive, middle-aged, stout gentleman.
I have watched the habits of the animal, young man; and can fearlessly pronounce, by evidence that would be thrown away on ordinary observers, that it is of vast dimensions, inactive, possibly torpid, of voracious appetite, and, as it now appears by the direct testimony of this venerable hunter, ferocious and carnivorous
Gradgrind's eye would fall upon her; and under the influence of that wintry piece of fact, she would become torpid again.
I alight wet and weary; no enthusiastic crowds press forward to greet their champion; the church bells are silent; the very name elicits no responsive feeling in their torpid bosoms.
The STL president endeavored to defend the court's sometimes torpid progress, citing the complexity of evidence and applicable law, and noting that some of the issues it has been charged with addressing are without obvious precedent -- it is the first international criminal tribunal to try defendants in absentia, and the first to deal with terrorism as a substantive crime.
How we conduct ourselves on the Gulf's torpid waters will do more to reassure or discomfit our allies than any statements issued from Camp David.
EVEN the director of this torpid ensemble piece has been busily washing his hands of the project.
Whether it was because of grouchiness brought on by acute biscuit deprivation, a bid to create some kind of late-night confrontational TV vibe, or just a means of filling the unforgiving hours stretching in front of them, Chapman spent much of the time poking Berry - an unimpeachable authority on Aussie racing, by the way - to try to provoke some sort of reaction from this unexcitable, verging on torpid, colleague.
The European market is highly regulated due to its growing concern on industrial toxic gas emissions, thus growth is torpid in the region.
But it all got rather lost in Mr Miliband's torpid manner of delivery, while his failure to mention Labour's plans for tackling the deficit handed further plentiful ammunition to his opponents.
But during the day, the torpid snakes will emerge from holes in termite mounds or trees to warm themselves in the sun.