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Synonyms for toroid

the doughnut-shaped object enclosed by a torus

a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle

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Transformer construction specifications Shape L-L E-E Toroid Pot EPCOS Magnetics DMR40 EPCOS Core Number Stackable Inc.
In the General Fusion device, the toroids are created within a roughly 3-meter sphere containing liquid lead and lithium, which spins around to create a vortex.
A toroid is a solid of revolution obtained by rotating a closed plane curve about an axis in the plane of the curve.
55) Alternatively, these weapons can be designed to maximize hazardous debris in certain orbits, turning crucial orbital toroids into kinetic minefields.
In the present study, the interference source has the form of a current-carrying coil wound on a ferromagnetic toroid containing an air gap (Fig.
recently expanded Cooper Bussmann's power management device portfolio to include their Coiltronics[R] coldcathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) inverter transformers, DR Series shielded power inductors, OCTA-PAC and OCTA-PAC Plus toroid inductors and transformers, and ECONO-PAC Series of power inductors and transformers.
Additions to the Toroid cutting tool line now include 12 new shell mills in ODs from 2" through 8" and offer maximum versatility with four insert geometries- round, square, high-feed, and octagonal.
Using computer modeling techniques and laboratory testing, an ellipsoidal design of the carpal component demonstrated a more consistent contact area with the radial component throughout range of motion when compared with the original toroid shape.
An electrical signal is passed through the transmitting toroid and produces current flow in the surrounding solution, which is measured by the other (receiver) toroid and converted to a conductivity reading based on the signal received.
The magnetic field could be from a permanent magnet or from a coil excited at any frequency not greater than that supplied to the toroid.
Miller has introduced the Low Loss Series 2100LL, 2200LL, and 2300LL of High Current Toroid Power Inductors.
Other "noteworthy" features include enhancement of probe calibration for improved accuracy and data acquisition control; new measurement commands, including Toms, Toms Segment, Rectangular Toroid, and Extruded Rectangle; Tubing functionality enabling users to measure bends of 180[degrees] or greater on both round and rectangular tubes; and Cross-Section Measuring that automatically compares a stream of data to the CAD surface.
The product catalog includes ball, flat, and Toroid inserts for HPM as well as solid carbide ball, flat, bull nose, and Toroid HPM tooling.
These high-performance gapped toroid inductors are especially designed for the Zetex IC chipsets ZXCD1000 and ZXCW8100.