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Synonyms for toroid

the doughnut-shaped object enclosed by a torus

a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle

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These particles are called Majorana fermions, and they cannot have any other electromagnetic moment apart from the toroid moment.
Transformer construction specifications Shape L-L E-E Toroid Pot EPCOS Magnetics DMR40 EPCOS Core Number Stackable Inc.
Manual ORTHO-BOT Lin act 3D Split toroid Manual Odin Cylindrical 3D CCP jnt.
However, the toroids produced by a spheromak are very unstable, making the reaction difficult to sustain; achieving stability in the spheromak has been a key challenge--one the UW team says it has cracked.
Heiner Voldstat from the company presented two posters on growth methods and equipment, including toroid presses.
Standard electromagnetic theory indicates that in the case of the infinite solenoid there exists an azimuthal field, [B.sub.0] = [[mu].sub.0]I/2[pi]r [9] while for the toroid, there is an r component of the external field which reduces to [B.sub.r] = [B.sub.z] = ([[mu].sub.0] I [a.sup.2])/2[pi] [([a.sup.2] + [z.sup.2]).sup.3/2] [10] in the neighbourhood of the toroid, z axis; where a is the average radius of the toroid.
For a toroidal drop [r.sub.0] > 0 is the inner radius of the toroid and [r.sub.1] > [r.sub.0] is the outer radius, with a tangent angle of [psi] = [pi]/2 at r = [r.sub.0] where f ([r.sub.0]) = 0, and [psi] = -[pi]/2 at r = [r.sub.1] where f ([r.sub.1]) = 0.
One choke is usually intricate with the use of Toroid magnetic core around the conductors of output phase of the inverter, and in this situation the magnetic field of CM currents are non zero.
Burt, "A comparison of the responses of identical cup anemometersmounted on a spar and a toroid buoy," Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol.
Bu modele gore her toroid, DNA'nin bir halka bolgesi ile baglaytet bolge matriks baglantili bolgelere esittir.
A second pulse power unit accelerates the vaporized wire, which detaches from the fixture and forms a self-confining plasma toroid.
Meanwhile, the third element of Torotrak's technology portfolio remains the IVT based on the well-established disc and toroid configuration.
Here we investigate the inductance and magnetic energy of surface currents on a torus, i.e., a toroid of circular cross section, also called an anchor ring or doughnut.
(9) They travel endlessly through increasingly dense toroid clouds formed from 22,000 tracked objects (10) and "hundreds of thousands of additional objects too small to track" (but still big enough to seriously harm satellites or space stations).