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Synonyms for toroid

the doughnut-shaped object enclosed by a torus

a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle

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Using computer modeling techniques and laboratory testing, an ellipsoidal design of the carpal component demonstrated a more consistent contact area with the radial component throughout range of motion when compared with the original toroid shape.
The magnetic field could be from a permanent magnet or from a coil excited at any frequency not greater than that supplied to the toroid.
Other "noteworthy" features include enhancement of probe calibration for improved accuracy and data acquisition control; new measurement commands, including Toms, Toms Segment, Rectangular Toroid, and Extruded Rectangle; Tubing functionality enabling users to measure bends of 180[degrees] or greater on both round and rectangular tubes; and Cross-Section Measuring that automatically compares a stream of data to the CAD surface.
The product catalog includes ball, flat, and Toroid inserts for HPM as well as solid carbide ball, flat, bull nose, and Toroid HPM tooling.
A new series of resins has been designed at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) as candidate impregnating material for the Atlas End Cap Toroid super-conducting magnet system (6).
These high-performance gapped toroid inductors are especially designed for the Zetex IC chipsets ZXCD1000 and ZXCW8100.
As a result, the winding resistance and losses are higher than in the toroid.
A tire can be viewed as a pneumatic, load carrying toroid that is a complex composite structure that behaves in a non-linear fashion.
There was a puddle left, half a toroid slipping around the bulge.
The form is, in fact, a toroid, or doughnut shape, resulting from two sets of intertwining three-dimensional spirals.
Due to Hall-effect magnetic flux generated by primer current in toroid produces voltage proportional to the flux density at the ends of the sensor [11-13].
The action currents were recorded magnetically by threading the nerve through a wire-wound, ferrite-core toroid that served as a pick-up coil.
We give in Table 2 Podkletnov's experimental values of [DELTA]Q/Q, measured on a sample located in the field of a 275/80 x 10 mm superconductor toroid at vibration frequencies of the toroid from 3.