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a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings

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"'Tis a shame!" muttered the tormentor, glancing at these graceful and delicate forms.
Once, in stark mutiny at so much pain, she deliberately stopped and addressed her tormentor.
Dazed, suffering intolerable pain from throat and tongue, with the life half throttled out of him, Buck attempted to face his tormentors. But he was thrown down and choked repeatedly, till they succeeded in filing the heavy brass collar from off his neck.
More tormentors, Buck decided, for they were evil-looking creatures, ragged and unkempt; and he stormed and raged at them through the bars.
Did he gloat over the unenviable position of his recent tormentor? Did he long to see Sheeta's great fangs sink into the soft throat of the ape-man?
Like a flash the beast wheeled upon its tormentor, and, in the briefest instant of turning, the placid, friendly animal was metamorphosed to a frenzied demon of rage.
Surely Comineus mought have made the same judgment also, if it had pleased him, of his second master, Lewis the Eleventh, whose closeness was indeed his tormentor. The parable of Pythagoras is dark, but true; Cor ne edito; Eat not the heart.
Finally, however, he lost all patience and turning to his tormentors, he said to them threateningly:
In fine, all the duennas smacked him and several others of the household pinched him; but what he could not stand was being pricked by the pins; and so, apparently out of patience, he started up out of his chair, and seizing a lighted torch that stood near him fell upon the duennas and the whole set of his tormentors, exclaiming, "Begone, ye ministers of hell; I'm not made of brass not to feel such out-of-the-way tortures."
He looked as a tortured man might look when his tormentors gave the rack the last turn of possible endurance.
Stung by his language, his tormentors had immediately bristled at him with a great show of resenting unjust oaths.
Crosman has combined the features of its CenterPoint Tormentor and Sniper lines to create a new, super-fast, super-quiet crossbow called the Tormentor Whisper.
A woman with the help of two of her male friends from Dombivili, a far-off suburb in Mumbai cut off her tormentor's genitals because he used to pester her for sex in spite of her being married.
The creepiest part is when the tormentor starts to skin Victoria's cheeks.