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Synonyms for torus

a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle

commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column


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<B Tori James has been named the new president of Girlguiding Cymru
Tori, a competitive swimmer since she was 13, knew two things as she started this fitness challenge: swimming could help her get additional steps to win the challenge, and she wanted to be at peak performance for USA Games so she could qualify for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games.
Literature study shows that prevalence and frequency of tori varies from population to population.
Taking cues from her Cherokee heritage and duetting with 16-year-old daughter Tash on the album's Up The Creek, Tori's songwriting addresses divisions in the wider American family.
"Mary was attacked by a blood clot and America is under attack - Lady Liberty and the land itself," says Tori. "Let's not get distracted by Tweets.
Tori loves canned cat food, soft blankets and stuffed toys.
Eventually Tori and Justin find Brody lying motionless at the bottom of a cliff.
Tori describes her relationship with her mother-in-law as a contributing factor to the stress.
Akhunzada Chattan condemned the murder of Hamid Tori: Pakistan People's Party FATA President Akhunzada Chattan have strongly criticized the murder of Hamid Tori and announced if any of their Party member, Journalist or Tribal Elder died they will keep the body in front of Prime Minister and Governor House till the arrest of murderers.
EXTREME adventurer Tori James spoke to a group of Year 10 students from Mary Immaculate High School working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.
PESHAWAR -- Two persons including a woman were killed while a women and a child received bullets injuries in a firing incident by some 25 armed men raided a house of Tori Haji situated in Tajori Kotka, Tabak Sagai area of District Lakki Marwat on Saturday.