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Robert Burns His story starts with Charles Elderton, who managed two hotels and two theatres on the Isle of Man, as well as a troupe of entertainers called the Toreadors. But in 1906 he was bankrupt.
The Toreadors including, at the front, Charles Elderton with his daughter
It'll seem longer - though these days the tippy-tappy toreadors do like to throw in a dash of Los Brothers Chuckle, to help keep us awake.
Enjoy a spectacular dance sequence by Caspian, ridden by Joe Butcher, unforgettable arias, and the march of the Toreadors.
Music includes Crown Imperial, by Walton, Stars and Stripes, by Sousa, March of the Toreadors from Bizet's Carmen, 633 Squadron, by Goodwin, and songs from South Pacific and Phantom of the Opera.
Perhaps it was Carmen but the lack of Toreadors suggests not.
As the Worcester Art Museum celebrates the unveiling of Edouard Manet's "The Dead Toreador," you might be able to go to Spain to watch live toreadors in action, if you're lucky.
When they enter the ring, they are stabbed by picadors, then toreadors stab them with badarillas.
"Why can't I make you go faster?" begs Alex James of Blur fame, desperate as his March Of The Toreadors limps along like a wounded tortoise.
The dancers, rehearsing as toreadors in Festival Ballet's version of Don Quixote, have been treated, if that's the word, to just a little of the carrot and stick technique that has allowed Djuric--and a hard-working board of directors--to transform a once moribund company into one approaching national status.
Clurman's achievements as a director range over many categories of drama, including Carson McCullers' A Member of the Wedding (1950); Jean Giraudoux's drama of ideas Tiger at the Gates (1955); and Jean Anouilh's farce Waltz of the Toreadors (1957).
Such a transformational vulnerability accounts for comical troupes of toreadors or for museums of tauromachy, introducing additional lamination by inscribing the bullfight into another rim--that is, parody or fetishized contemplation.
One of the directors of the company was Charles Elderton, from the Theatre Royal in Hebburn, whose Toreadors concert party group performed on open land at Whitley Bay in the summer season.
Another picture features The Toreadors, a concert party that performed at the pleasure gardens.