toreador pants

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Synonyms for toreador pants

snug trousers ending at the calves


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Good morning, your honor," she heard Toreador Pants say behind her, and turned to see a large, scowling woman wearing judge's robes and a bouffant hairdo enter the cell carrying a big, black leather-bound ledger.
Jeffrey Rogers are leading Carmen Miranda chic on the high street with pretty dresses and toreador pants.
a white parasol, wears toreador pants and is bare-chested, bones.
Although beaded dresses are the big news, several stars were dazzling in satins, including Mare Winningham in an ivory Vera Wang gown and Simbi Khali of ``Third Rock From the Sun'' who wore a pink-and-green Margy Kent design with a skirt over toreador pants.
Primrose"--two handsome lads costumed in what look like toreador pants and frilly shirts.