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light from a torch or torches

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The torchlight seemed to make a gloom; so that the people whom they met, along the road, could not very distinctly see their figures; and, indeed, if they once caught a glimpse of Hecate, with the wreath of snakes round her forehead, they generally thought it prudent to run away, without waiting for a second glance.
While she drew breath after this volley, the ancient servant, sitting unrebuked on the edge of the torchlight, muttered: 'This house is a cattle-pound, as it were, for all charlatans and - priests.
A triumph like a torchlight procession, with torchlights that might have been firebrands.
As Magua ended he arose and, uttering the yell of a demon, his polished little axe was seen glancing in the torchlight as he whirled it above his head.
He raised his chin and looked us slowly over, in a listless dull way, blinking with the distress of the torchlight, then dropped his head and fell to muttering again and took no further notice of us.
That night a procession passed, by torchlight, through the streets, bearing in the midst the figure of a woman, enveloped with a richly embroidered mantle; while in advance stalked Jervase Helwyse, waving the red flag of the pestilence.
In the one were weddings and wedding-feasts, and they were going about the city with brides whom they were escorting by torchlight from their chambers.
Farther north he went, and farther north he grew up; and if Sir Leicester Dedlock ever saw him when he came to Chesney Wold to visit his mother, or ever thought of him afterwards, it is certain that he only regarded him as one of a body of some odd thousand conspirators, swarthy and grim, who were in the habit of turning out by torchlight two or three nights in the week for unlawful purposes.
This financing will help to fund the drilling and stimulation of the University Founders A25-H, the first horizontal well currently underway in the Orogrande Basin" stated John Brda, Torchlight Energy's CEO.
New York: Fitch Ratings has affirmed the commercial mortgage special servicer rating of Torchlight Loan Services, LLC (Torchlight) at 'CSS2-'.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 27 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Wednesday issued a notice to the Uttar Pradesh government after taking suo motu cognizance of the 32 eye surgeries conducted under torchlight at a health centre in Unnao.
Manhattan-based Torchlight Investors has partnered with Wilkinson Corporation in the $61 million acquisition of a garden-style apartment complex located in Marietta, Georgia, approximately 15 miles northwest of the Atlanta CBD.
The sea life comes alive in the dark and exploring the waters and spotting a reef shark by torchlight is so exciting.
Guns, ammunition, a drone, nets, traps, a torchlight, floodlight, a binocular, a communication handset and other equipment have been seized.
EDINBURGH'S HOGMANAY, DECEMBER 30 TO JANUARY 1 Marking the start of Scotland's Year of Young People 2018, Edinburgh's Hogmanay will celebrate Scotland's young citizens by giving them the limelight in the finale of the popular Torchlight Procession on December 30, before the Street Party returns with an bigger and better than ever concert headlined by Rag 'n' Bone Man.