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a popular song concerned with disappointment in love

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As Harwood, the owner of the infamous Blue Dahlia nightclub, Matt McKenzie is all slick and shadiness, while the Dahlia's torch singer, played by Maura M.
So commanding are the vocals--echoing torch singers and soul shouters--that it's easy to overlook her luminous acoustic guitar, showcased to bracing effect on "Phase.
In "'The Hieroglyphics of Love': The Torch Singers and Interpretation," John Moore weaves a rich tapestry of historical, social, and psychological threads that captures the complex and ambiguous meanings at play in the tradition of the torch singers.
Promoters and impresarios, therefore, played it safe, backing only the so-called "sweet bands" led by Paul Whiteman and Guy Lombardo, crooners like Bing Crosby, and torch singers like Ruth Etting.
Meanwhile, Versace are going all out to prove they can be trashier than a whole trailer park of transvestite torch singers with garish prints featuring mini-buddhas and lurid foliage.
Sirens of Song: Classic Torch Singers Julie London, Sarah Vaughn, Judy Garland, et al.
Belle has a sexy way with a song that conjures up images of torch singers of yesteryear.
You interview prostitutes and torch singers street rats and police insiders from the docks diners and bars.
As we see Edward's life story played out - the colorful yarns he tells include a huge catfish, a werewolf circus master, a hungry giant and conjoined twin torch singers - we, and Will, gradually come to understand and value the importance of a life lived in wonder.
I love torch singers," says the Scots singer-songwriter.
IN comes a bit of lippy, a lot of cleavage - and a look which harks back to the era of the tortured torch singer.
He described the fashion stance of the time and place with such eloquence and brutal truthfulness that jet bugle beads, feather boas, fur collars, stiletto heels, gleaming compacts and long, pointed finger nails have become synonymous with Chandler's stories about corrupt cops, dames who killed their husbands and torch singers who constantly fell for the wrong guy.