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Synonyms for topsy-turvydom

a state of extreme confusion and disorder

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Though more startlingly obvious in fantasy, such as Dorothy in Technicolor Oz, or Alice's equally surreal "trip" in Wonderland, where everything is topsy-turvydom, even the most realistic road movie figures, like John Cusak's hitchhiking college student from 'The Sure Thing," forever are changed by their journey.
But, of course, the story is full of WS Gilbert's fabled topsy-turvydom and satirical sideswipes.
And beyond that, there's a quality that's very dear to me which is a sort of ritualistic concept, which is the essence of what Gilbert thought of as 'topsy-turvydom.'
Because the locus was often the site of the throne in medieval drama, Weimann develops the locus as a place of stability, authority, and decorum; the platea--closer to the audience both materially and symbolically--becomes a site of flux, impertinence, "topsy-turvydom": the place where the medieval Vice, and later Iago, Thersites, and Edmund, reigned.
So, in the spirit of topsy-turvydom, I will close with the middle of the film.