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A contemporary Lewis Carroll, Waters luxuriates in the topsy-turviness of life, and his somewhat more conventional recent films depend, like most narratives, on the reversal of fortune.
The worst thing about the Molehill Era is that topsy-turviness itself is offensive.
For Smith, breaking and disrupting boundaries in theater and society culminate in the execution of Charles I in 1649, an event prepared for by the theater which preceded it: "the merging of theater, festive topsy-turviness and punishment in the mid-seventeenth century may owe much to the deconsecration of authority in the drama that preceded it, but the drama of the early seventeenth century owes as much to the highly experimental and bold invocation of .
For instance, he prefers the hardedged topsy-turviness of Plautus's Menaechmi to the "mushiness" of the play Shakespeare made from it, The Comedy of Errors.