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forward spin (usually of a moving ball) that is imparted by an upward stroke

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To marvel with awe at such diversity of feel, awe that would have gone unnoticed had you learned this at 9 or 10, except to think, mechanically: this is a volley, this is a slice, this is topspin.
Topspin Partners is a suburban New York-based private equity fund that makes investments in profitable and established lower middle-market consumer businesses.
Balance Point arranged and led a USD 124 million debt financing to fund acquisitions by Two-Twenty and Topspin. The financing was also used to retire existing debt and provides significant available capital for future growth investments.
Iino and Kojima (2015) investigated the effects of racket mass and stroke rate on the kinematics and kinetics of the trunk and the racket arm in the table tennis topspin backhand.
For, the Russian was subjected to a series of incredible topspin forehand shots by Niculescu, which brought Sharapova's downfall on the opening day of the Premier 5 WTA tournament at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex yesterday.
The module is a technology that Fidelis gained through its acquisition late last year of TopSpin Security Ltd.
"I do the topspin, I mean, the flat balls and slice.
"If you've noticed the two penalties I've missed we scored the rebound because I've put a bit of topspin on the ball knowing if I miss it will come back and we'll score.
Federer grabbed an early break as his attacking topspin backhand, which had served him so well earlier this year, was again on display.
There were noticeable improvements in his movement and his groundstrokes, particularly his single-handed topspin backhand, from which flowed several scintillating winners.
TopSpin 4 from Bruker is a next-generation software option for spectrometer control and data analysis, designed for the newly introduced AVANCE NEO platform.
Polder Housewares was acquired by Topspin Partners, a private equity fund that invests in lower middle market businesses, last month.
We've built a virtual tour of the site so you can get a closer look at some of the new offerings, such as the Star Flyer, Stargate, Topspin, Dreams Live, Super Spin, and the 55-metre-high MACH5.
Other new arrivals are called Stargate, Topspin, Dreams Live and Super Spin.
The whipping characteristic is due to the pronation of the forearm, for the purpose of generating topspin, which occurs at the same time (see previous tip 'Turn the doorknob for topspin').