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  • verb

Synonyms for topple

Synonyms for topple

to turn or cause to turn from a vertical or horizontal position

to come to the ground suddenly and involuntarily

to bring about the downfall of

to undergo capture, defeat, or ruin

Synonyms for topple

fall down, as if collapsing

cause to topple or tumble by pushing


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The Sun, Britain's most popular newspaper, said a bid to topple May had been brewing since her speech but rebel lawmakers had not yet gathered the numbers to oust her.
I have never heard that a rebel Movement whose leader stays in hotel in a foreign country can topple a government.
If a dancer begins a pirouette slightly off-balanced and keeps the body rigid throughout the turn, gravity will cause the dancer to topple and fall out of the turn.
In answer to the question, "Are you going to wait for 2013 elections or try to topple this current government ?
The defendants, 14 in custody and seven out of Bahrain, were charged with establishing and managing terror groups to topple the state royal regime and change its constitution; communicating intelligence with an overseas terrorist organisation to commit hostile acts against Bahrain; attempting to forcefully change Bahrain's constitution and topple its political regime as well as a number of other charges.
GOOD EFFORT People gave their all in the wacky record attempt LOTS OF FUN FOR NO REWARD The attempt to topple 400 mattresses was successful, but could not be counted as a World Record
Crowds of people got behind the attempt by Newcastle firm Palatine Beds to topple 400 mattresses.
VIDEO Wales can topple Boks Jamie Roberts gives his view on the forthcoming Wales v South Africa clash PLUS Stephen Jones insists Wales must believe they can topple the southern hemisphere giants this summer WalesOnline.
TURKEY'S chief prosecutor has announced charges against 86 people accused of plotting to topple the Government.
Samak added that the protesters have no reason to topple him or the government because they were democratically elected.
Domino Day is a world-record attempt to topple the most number of dominoes.
In a 5-km-wide, 120-km-long swath centered between these faults, there are at least 60 rock formations that seem as if they'd topple with a modest jolt.
government would continue to pursue a covert campaign to eliminate Castro or topple his pro-Soviet dictatorship.
Falling is such a serious matter that scientists at the Human Movement and Balance Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh want to know exactly why some people are more likely to topple over than others are.
forces had joined with the Northern Alliance to topple Afghanistan's government.