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a traditional theme or motif or literary convention

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After a general introduction the study traces first the "pre-history" of the topos, which includes discussions within the Christian churches about the origins of Christian monasticism.
A partir desses dois conceitos, encadeamento argumentativo e topos, Ducrot chegou a hipotese segundo a qual uma frase poderia ser descrita a partir de um feixe de topoi que representaria seu potencial argumentativo.
771 de 1965) definiu os topos de morro e montanha como Areas de Preservacao Permanente (APPs).
En vista de esto, es totalmente factible reconocer que el topos es de naturaleza mixta, puesto que es analizable segun su correspondencia con lo verdadero y su aceptabilidad en un auditorio: naturaleza logica; y ademas, segun la gama de conclusiones u orientaciones que acredita: naturaleza discursiva o linguistica.
Cette etude magistrale consiste en deux parties : la premiere est un trace historique du mythe de l'Ecrivain malheureux, ou l'auteur divise le topos du Malheur litteraire en trois parties constituantes :
Autor de libros comentadisimos y emblematicos de toda una generacion como Comprare un rifle, La otra cara de Rod Hudson y la que considera su hasta hoy obra maestra, Lodo, Fadanelli senala que Educar a los topos le resulto liberadora en mas de un sentido.
Guillermo Fadanelli Educar a los topos Barcelona, Anagrama, 2006, 162 pp.
The author turns his attention to the idea of courtship as a rhetorical topos, or, we might say, cultural commonplace, in the first chapter.
A widespread topos in postmodernism is that mediated images--in cinema and television--have come to function in new ways, no longer representing the real world but replacing or supplanting it.
TOPOS is a demonstration project sponsored by the DON eBusiness office and addresses a longstanding problem across the Navy: How to efficiently capture, store, retrieve, and share data from various types of readiness assessments that are conducted in operational environments.
Contextualizing echoes aside, whether dealing with the survival strategies of a misspecied squirrel, exploring the psyche of a little girl whose first job goes horribly, willfully wrong, examining identity theft, casual murder, plague, or prostitution, the stories form a fascinating topos all their own.
Lo logra con tal suerte que la novela se convertira en un nuevo topos literario: el topos simbolista de "la ciudad muerta.
In the final essay, John Fitzgerald argues that Paul's language of reconciliation in 2 Corinthians belongs to the friendship topos.
When most write of their experiences, they throw out endless jargon, speaking of carabiners, topos, couloirs, moraines, gaiters and pitons.
In his chapter on the topos of hypocrisy, Silk compares the press treatment of televangelist scandals to the clergy abuse cases first reported in the early 1990s.