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Synonyms for toponymy

the nomenclature of regional anatomy

the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a language


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The fourth section presents an interesting collection of new and in some sense radical analyses of traditional toponymics (A.A.
Strangely enough, this stratum of Russian toponymics has never been systematically studied.
Decsy pays attention also to such phenomena as stylistic distortions [in the recent past of Eastern Europe], cursing as part of culture, toponymics [of disputed territories specifically in Eastern Europe], etc., topics that have linguistic manifestations, while they are, in fact, societal, cultural, political, etc.
It will be of interest to a diverse group of scholarly readers: historians, lexicographers, geographers, scholars of early Christian studies, including monasticism, archaeologists, specialists on the Ghassanids and on Middle Eastern toponymics, Quellenforschung, and to Arabists, Islamicists, scholars of Arabic literature, especially Arabic poetry, Roman frontiers, pre-Islamic Arabia, and historians of Early Islam, for Shahid assesses the relevance of the Ghassanids to the Umayyads.