topological space

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(mathematics) any set of points that satisfy a set of postulates of some kind

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9] Let A be a neutrosophic set in a neutrosophic topological space X.
alpha]] : [alpha] [member of] [DELTA]} of sets in a topological space X is called locally finite(nbd-finite in the sense of [5]) if each point of X has a neighborhood V such that V [intersection] [A.
Whenever S defines a jointly continuous action on a compact topological space M, then for all x [member of] M and f [member of] C(M) the mapping [[theta].
The notion of connectedness is a basic, useful and fundamental notion in topological spaces.
By contrast, for Agamben, the topological space of camp life is always operative across politically effective registers and through relations of power.
A subset A of an ideal topological space (X, [tau], I) is said to be i-rare if it has no interior points in [[tau].
Generalized topological spaces are important generalizations of topological spaces and many results have been obtained by many topologist [3,4,5,11,12].
Throughout this paper, spaces mean topological spaces on which no separation axioms are assumed unless otherwise mentioned and f: (X, [tau]) [right arrow] (Y, [sigma]) (or simply f : X [right arrow] Y) denotes a function f of a space (X, [tau]) into a space (Y, [sigma]).
Let S be a subset of a topological space (X, [tau]) and [m.
The topological space [0,[omega]] is compact, regular.
X]-Modules over a topological space X, then we say that [[m.
Given a topological space X, researchers in hyperspace theory use the following notation:
3 [8] Let (X, [tau] be a topological space and (X, [[tau].
Digital images can be related to topological space structures, and then general topology principles can be straightforwardly implemented.
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