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a traditional theme or motif or literary convention

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More specifically, by comparing the types and frequencies of the topoi used in the two forums, we untangled the reasoning strategies behind different social constructions.
"Raw food cleanses and juice fasts can produce weight loss, but there is nothing 'magic' about these diets," Topoi says.
Rubinelli initiates her study with an elaboration of the Aristotelian conception of topoi as a productive system that facilitated the generation of a wide range of arguments.
Inoltre, nell'analisi dello sviluppo e della rivisitazione dei topoi, com'e naturale, l'arco cronologico si dilata anche ad opere anteriori al Boiardo, quali l' Eneide, il Romanzo di Tristano, gli scritti di Dante e Boccaccio.
Acknowledging the important work of Elisabeth MacDougall on late sixteenth-century Roman gardens, Morgan points to such figures as Neptune, Venus, and the Muses in the Hortus Palatinus as belonging to the standard topoi that comprised an "Italianate international style" (155).
Topoi said at a symposium sponsored by the American College of Cardiology Foundation.
Gulag narratives, argues Professor Toker, have certain features in common (topoi as she calls them): arrest (the shock factor);dignity(trying to preserve some moral and intellectual integrity); stages (adaptation to the camp regime); escape (dreams of and in some cases attempts); moments of reprieve (there but for the grace of God go I); room 101 (an allusion to Orwell and one's own special terror); chance (some lucky or unlucky event); the zone and the larger zone (awareness of the camp universe); and end-of-term fatigue (will this ever end?).
Because the topoi available to reporters and editors are confused and conflicting, the story becomes all the more difficult to cover.
Swanson); "Religion and Topoi in the News: An Analysis of the 'Unsecular Media' Hypothesis" (Rick Clifton Moore); "Gone Fishin': A Framing Analysis of the Fight over a Small Town's City Seal" (Mark Paxton); and "'Jesus Sends Dolphins To Save Cuban Child': How the Press Played the 'God Angle' in the Elian Gonzalez Story" (Susan Willey).
Secondary themes are noted in such topics as: gharat (raids), dating according to Hijra, arrangement according to the caliphates,' and a slew of issues relating to law and administration, and the nature of central government - the idea here being that these themes guide much of the textual information (the topoi) that is examined later in the book.
Equally interesting are the many topoi which the text shares with more familiar works: like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, for example, it repeatedly points to the discrepancies between the truth about characters and their reputations, while parallels with such works as Chretien's Lancelot and Perceval are suggested by the text's suppression of the name of its main protagonist.
THIS COLLECTION of twenty-three essays, all in French and gathered here in a loosely chronological order, represents the proceedings of a colloquium on utopia organized by SATOR (Societe d'Analyse de la Topique Romanesque), an international association (Henri Coulet, President) that aims at the study and computerized management of literary topoi in French narrative fiction prior to the Revolution (for a definition of the parameters and complexities of this enterprise, see Lochard's essay, 257-267).