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Synonyms for topography

the character, natural features, and configuration of land


Words related to topography

the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features

precise detailed study of the surface features of a region

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The researchers also found that the moon's overall gravity field was no longer aligned with the topography, as it would have been when the tidal bulges were frozen into the moon's shape.
The influence of topography (mountains) on different aspects of climate has been studied in different regions.
Fine Micron Topography: A dual acid-etching process provides a 1-3 micron peak-to-peak surface (OSSEOTITE[R]) that supports platelet activation3,4.
Topography also has a major influence on the plate tectonic system, the researchers found.
"It's feasible for topography to be preserved," says Stephen Cox of Caltech, a coauthor of a paper scheduled to appear in Geophysical Research Letters.
Ahluwalia, too, had experience of the airport topography. "He had 66 landings to his credit at Mangalore airport," Nambiar said.
Users can focus on a site of interest to access specific information on geology, soil composition, topography, slopes and a variety of historical weather information.
All these scenarios make it worthwhile to collect data on both the surface topography of the component and its internal features, including possible anomalies.
In part two of the questionnaire, informants also were asked to report on the frequency, duration, and potential operant reinforcer for each topography of PIB.
Using precision face topography technology, smooth, low-amplitude patented wave patterns are laser-machined onto the seal face to create a stable hydrodynamic effect that changes the pressure profile on the seal faces and reduces friction and contact loads without increasing leakage.
Also to be launched in January, "Systems and Synthetic Biology" will focus on the collective behavior of biological interactions, connecting molecular topography with physiological responses.
The system uses the company's VHSL (very high speed sheet-of-light laser) scanning sensors to digitize the tire sidewall topography. Once digitized, the data are analyzed to find user-defined, molded-in features such as DOT codes or mold pattern numbers.
Ocean depth and topography (the shape of the ground underwater) also affect waves.
Corneal topography in the wavefront era; a guide for clinical application.
Nestling in a spectacular mountain site on the edge of the town of Ketchum, this house by Marwan Al-Sayed is a highly perceptive engagement with topography, light and the local vernacular.