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Synonyms for topography

the character, natural features, and configuration of land


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the configuration of a surface and the relations among its man-made and natural features

precise detailed study of the surface features of a region

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Apart from the midstory vegetation coverage (Kruskal-Walis test, [chi square] = 4.66, p = 0.10), the other habitat variables differed significantly between topographies ([chi square] > 10.57, p < 0.01).
(9) Fake central islands will produce similar topographies with two main distinctions in that they are typically accompanied by central corneal staining and disrupted mires.
To examine the effects of these new topographies on PSC-derived cortical neurons, we seeded DIV40 cortical progenitors from the 0028 and ChiPSC6b iPSC lines (tested previously on the variable pillar substrate), as well as two additional lines, BJ1 and SBAD2, onto flat, pillar, and microgroove substrates.
Further research in this area may lead to the development of clinical prostheses with topographies that can directly modulate stem cell fate, enabling cell growth and development to be tailored to a specific application without using potentially harmful chemicals.
This unique combination of surface topographies is designed to create an optimal host-bone response and actively participate in the fusion process by promoting the upregulation of osteogenic and angiogenic factors necessary for bone growth, encouraging natural production of bone morphogenetic proteins, and creating the potential for a faster and more robust fusion.
Part 2, "Transcultural Topographies: Transgressing the Body as Gendered and Cultural Space," includes: Colleen Lanki, "The Body in Space: Layers of Gender in Japanese Classical Dance" (91-104); Yasuko Ikeuchi, "Counter-Narrativity and Corporeality in Kishida Rios Ito Jigoku" (105-16); Eiichiro Hirata, "'The Absence ofVoices in the Theatre Spaces: Ku Nauka's Production of Medea" (117-30); Sabine Wilke, "Staging Culture-Staging Nature: Polynesian Performance as Nature and Nature as Performance in Hawaii" (131-42).
Other than increasing the potential to guide stem cells to create desired materials for research and clinical applications, using nanoscale topographies could eliminate (or alternatively enhance) steps including those involving feeder layers and synthetic induction supplements currently used in stem cell culture.
In 1975 a show with the unappealing title New Topographies appeared at just three modest venues in the US.
Topography for LSM--The optional Topography for LSM software package handles the extraction, processing, presentation, and measurement of height information of 3-D surface topographies and 2-D surface profiles.
The debut publication of poetry by Alena Hairston, "The Logan Topographies" is comprised of four lyric sequences (Mountain; Devil's Tea Table; The Hill; The Bottom) that combine to tell the story of three generations of a multi-ethnic coal mining community.