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Topographically this locality has a blend of small hills and plain fields, where tapering cultivation has been noted.
Boston's Intelon Optics took second place, with their proprietary Brillouin Optical Scanner System (BOSS) which is able to, among other things, map out almost topographically the hardness of the eye, potentially a boon to the optometry industry.
Hence, LMD can also enable the reduction of topographically induced stress peaks.
All countries have to contend with transnational organized crime and cope in varying degrees, but small island developing states such as those in the Caribbean are particularly vulnerable because of their small size, limited institutional capacity and openness both economically and topographically
A few small areas of dry rainforest occur in the south-eastern Pilliga Forest in areas topographically sheltered from wildfire.
Lastly, there is his more recent multimedia project titled "The Augmented Archive", which is an application available for iPhone and Android devices which transforms the city of Cairo into an archive topographically arranged around the events of the January 25 revolution.
It is thought that the species, which typically dwell in areas that are topographically "steep," struggle with shallow, sloping underwater environments.
These deposits are observable with satellite images because they have undergone a process called "topographic inversion." where the deposits filling once topographically low river channels have been exhumed in such a way that they now exist as ridges at the surface of the planet.
Resurgence occurred earlier, and to a greater extent, when the alternative response was topographically distinct (a treadle press) from the target response (a key-peck) than when the responses were topographically identical.
Topographically, Delhi is surrounded by many states and with a boom in e-commerce business, there is additional domestic freight movement which makes Delhi a top e-commerce hub of India.
Topographically, Sanmiguel Diest's composition evokes the singular path of classical labyrinths but rejects the ancient form's symmetry and unambiguous relationship between interior and exterior, as well as the unpredictable, mazelike structures that emerged in the Renaissance.
"The water running through the [valley networks] would eventually flow toward and collect at the topographically low northern plains, forming an ocean covering nearly [a third] of the surface."
The criteria for the diagnosis of choristoma are a tumour-like growth, an ectopic tissue with a normal pattern and without neoplastic features histologically, and a mislocated tissue topographically. It is different from hamartoma because the hamartoma appears in normal locations.
Still, mining can also cause these hazards because it is topographically intrusive and does not respect slope limits.
You'll find much the same situation in topographically diverse Saline County, which lies just west of Little Rock in central Arkansas.