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the mast next above a lower mast and topmost in a fore-and-aft rig

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the scene just as the Alabama's main topmast snaps in two and its
This picture dates back to June 9, 1936, and shows the famous four-masted Swedish barque, Abraham Rydberg, arriving in Blyth for repairs to her main topmast, damaged in a collision with a steamer in the English Channel.
When a singer is supposed to be located in the topmast of a sailing ship, the voice sounds like it's coming from the topmast.
Pocock and to inform him he just recollects that the French Admiral's mizzen topmast should be shot away at the time the picture is meant to represent." This was accompanied by Sir Richard's small childlike stick drawing of two ships engaged in battle.
Eventually, unhappy at owning a mere ketch, my father added a topmast to the aft mast, technically called the mizzen mast.
The purpose of a 'topcastle' was both to provide a wide platform near the top of a mainmast to secure the shrouds supporting a topmast, and to provide a fighting platform for men with muskets.
the spare topmast, three or four stared meditatively; with their
"Let go the topmast sheets," shouted the first mate as the four-masted clipper surged forward.
The burning fore topmast snapped and came crashing down, going through four decks to reach the cargo of grain and set it on fire.
I draw your attention to your double-standards and I'm not talking about flags from the topmast.
I was finally yodeling victoriously from the narrow topmast that only the circling crows had landed on before.
Dunton, one of the last great schooners, with a 112-foot topmast, eight sails, and crew of 22.