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emphasize by putting heavy stress on or by moving to the front of the sentence

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It is important to note here that Tiffany and Lisa do not topicalize FOB, but that we do this together, sequentially for the remainder of the interview (lines 15-37).
One possibility is to topicalize either the goal (9a) or theme argument (9b), putting one argument into a noncore slot.
The second difference is that German not only allows one to topicalize a complete DP, but also to topicalize only part of a DP.
Therefore, if we topicalize the theme object in such sentences, the remnant VP--even if it includes the subject--becomes infelicitous.
The effect is not the same if we topicalize the adjunct in English, where the subject retains its preverbal position:
As English cannot topicalize freely, one would expect more passive sentences in English than in German.
Yet despite its problems, English topicalizes adjuncts under certain conditions, and the comparison of English texts with their German translations tells us which conditions these are.
Hersonski topicalizes the duality of the footage as propaganda and surviving trace with a shot of a photographic portrait that a man briefly picks up from a heap of garbage he has been carefully sifting through.
This projected report/prediction is abandoned and replaced with a question that topicalizes the sitter's friendship or kinship network.
In Croatian, the omission of the personal pronoun mu in the dative, gives the resultant sentence Petar je dosao kuci i spavalo se, which turns the second coordinated clause into another type of impersonal clause that in Croatian generally topicalizes the action itself, but not the actor, and the neuter (-o) of the predicate suggests more unidentified actors, thus disabling the coreference with the subject of the first clause (Petar).
by means of the preposition/conjunction assum, which often topicalizes whatever follows it, or by means of extraposition.
As German topicalizes also purely given elements (see Doherty, this issue), the inverted copular version (6) does not have to indicate an additional focus for the prenominal argument.