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(linguistics) emphasis placed on the topic or focus of a sentence by preposing it to the beginning of the sentence

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Five experiments were conducted on German topicalization sentences to explore their interpretation and the relation between the syntactic representation and the discourse representation of the sentence.
39) Topicalization triggers an inference on the part of the hearer that the entity represented by the initial NP stands in a salient partially ordered set relation to some entity or entities already evoked in the discourse-model (Prince 1998: 293).
In Hungarian, topicalization is a movement rule which can, in principle, target any, and any number, of the [+referential] and [+specific] arguments of a predicate.
In German, topicalization refers to a position before the verb, left of the finite verb of the main clause.
2017) Dissociating effects of scrambling and topicalization within the left frontal and temporal language areas : An fMRI study in Kaqchikel Maya.
i]]]) or indeed a topicalization structure, as we will see immediately below for a sequence like (2a) or (2b).
It describes discourse and utterance acts ('enonciation'), including topicalization, focalization, and thematization.
V2 and embedded topicalization in Old and Middle English.
In general, the assignment of features to heads (EPP, Wh-, phi-features, Edge Features, features triggering scrambling, topicalization, etc.
Those nouns that share, in turn, with the verb only a semantic relationship, like polka and grin in (8) and (9), seem to exhibit a syntactico-semantic behaviour of their own in relation to passivization, topicalization, pronominalization, definiteness and questionability, which is similar to the behaviour displayed by regular objects and which morphological cognates, however, do not show.
Vease tambien MARIA LUISA RIVERO, "On left-dislocation and topicalization in Spanish", LI, 11 (1980), 363-393 y SILVA-CORVALAN, "La funcion pragmatica de la duplicacion de pronombres cliticos", BdFS, 31 (1980-81), 561-570.
These results enable them to hypothesize theories related to not only the rising of the structure, but also the topicalization of it since it has been mainly used to introduce a new topic.
Relative clauses are used as a means of topicalization of a possessor of a genitive construction, as nominalization of a clause and in questions.
Second, topicalization was found to have been used to introduce new characters, ideas, events, objects, etc.
Jordens (Free University, Amsterdam) argues that at the lexical stage early in learning a first or subsequent language, topicalization is the driving force that leads to the acquisition of a functional projection, which provides a position for elements carrying the functional properties of finiteness.