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(linguistics) emphasis placed on the topic or focus of a sentence by preposing it to the beginning of the sentence

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In line with Haegeman (2006b, 2010; 2012, 199) and Haegeman and Urogdi (2010), I adopt this idea that there is an intervention effect that blocks the application of root transformations such as topicalization and negative preposing in non- root environments.
(2017) Dissociating effects of scrambling and topicalization within the left frontal and temporal language areas : An fMRI study in Kaqchikel Maya.
Such would be the situation if the sequence in question is a passive ([Mar[y.sub.i] has been [seen Mar[y.sub.i]]]) or an unaccusative structure ([Pet[e.sub.i] has [arrived Pet[e.sub.i]]]) or indeed a topicalization structure, as we will see immediately below for a sequence like (2a) or (2b).
(Ogata 2011: 1) Those nouns that share, in turn, with the verb only a semantic relationship, like polka and grin in (8) and (9), seem to exhibit a syntactico-semantic behaviour of their own in relation to passivization, topicalization, pronominalization, definiteness and questionability, which is similar to the behaviour displayed by regular objects and which morphological cognates, however, do not show.
Relative clauses are used as a means of topicalization of a possessor of a genitive construction, as nominalization of a clause and in questions.
Jordens (Free University, Amsterdam) argues that at the lexical stage early in learning a first or subsequent language, topicalization is the driving force that leads to the acquisition of a functional projection, which provides a position for elements carrying the functional properties of finiteness.
In the second group (27), the topicalization can be followed by case attraction.
Such order is subject to cliticization and topicalization. Secondly, this freedom is only possible in past tense, not in present tense.
Her invocation of the term Korean-Korean (and our subsequent co constructed topicalization of it) may suggest that Sue feels that she has more cultural/linguistic capital (Bourdieu, 1991) as a Generation 1.5 Canadian Korean when she is in Korea than when she is in Canada.
Laryngotracheal topicalization with lidocaine before intubation decrease the incidence of coughing on emergence from anesthesia.
With reference to the topicalization of the Unpolitical as well as communitas, we can state that the "outside," which once was surrounding or cutting the space of the political, becomes now life proper in its specifically biological sense.
In addition, a list of different types of signals that can also be used to identify important ideas and their relations: 1) graphical: type size, italics, boldface, underlining; 2) syntactical: word order, topicalization; 3) lexical: words like important, relevant, the subject is, the conclusion is; 4) semantic: thematic words and sentences, summarizing or introductory sentences, repetition; and 5) schematic/super structural: story grammars, narrative schema, expository text structures (Brown et al., 1986).