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the attribute of being of interest at the present time

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More importantly, it is clear that the decline in the estimates, which reflected attenuation in the advantage of being located away from the equator, or the disadvantage of having greater topicality, has been halted, and estimates from 1980 to 2010 do not suggest significant change.
Part of what would make that modern critic's investigation of a play's topicality conjectural would be the difficulty of verifying the claim that a particular element of the play had actually been construed as a topical reference (especially if such a reference had not been intended by the play's author).(5) But the conjectural quality of modern topical readings is caused also by the fact that we cannot simply equate a play's topical orientation with the references it might be making to current affairs.
It's a film of jaw-dropping, throw your hands in the air, sweet Lordy mama stupidity, but it gets that second star for its topicality. ' Gerard Butler
"There's an urgency, a resonance and a topicality that, as a filmmaker, makes it very stimulating and exciting material to work with."
The meme reached its first pop culture fulcrum, merging topicality, a summer blockbuster and hilarity with a tiny-face Romney imposed behind "The Dark Knight Rises" character Bane's breathing mask (get it?!)
Recent posts include "JP Morgan: When basis trades blow up" and "Europe's other crisis--the private sector." There's something to be said for topicality, and Salmon's always on point.
With Mac stalwarts Mick Fleetwood and John McVie providing the rhythmic foundation, Buckingham unleashes incendiary guitar licks aplenty, Clash meets Beach Boys-style rocking fun (Underground), and mixes a feel for exotic topicality (Time Precious Time) with seasoned sensitivity and political commitment (Treason).
Movers and Shakers, this season, will retain the basic elements of topicality, freshness, variety and unpredictability but, the differentiator will be a more mature Shekhar Suman.
There will also be some interaction with the audience a la Frank Skinner and, as with Parky and Jonathan Ross, each show is being recorded close to transmission for topicality.
Comparisons with the current war are inevitable, but its topicality will do little to increase the marginal audiences the film is likely to attract at festivals and special screenings.
However, a certain topicality to the music might be lost on a listener unfamiliar with the pop classics presented on this CD.
The novel thing about this new police drama is that it focuses on a unit which investigates identity crime, so top marks for topicality - and putting the willies up viewers.
Toby's stand-up is renowned for its topicality and occasionally uncompromising political slant, and his delivery giddily straddles the humbly self-deprecating to the ferociously in-your-face.
Susan Butler, editor of Macquarie Dictionary, said that Word of the Year Committee selected the adjective because of its topicality and its visually graphic nature.