topical anesthesia

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loss of sensation confined to the skin or mucous surfaces (as when benzocaine or Lidocaine is applied to the surface)

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Topical anesthesia was provided by Proparacaine Hydrochloride eye drops about 1-2 drop 5 minutes before the procedure.
Vocal cord exposure was evaluated in conscious state with light sedation and topical anesthesia. Briefly, 2% lignocaine or 1% tetracaine was topically administered to the airway with or without maximum 2 mg midazolam (0.5 mg each time) and maximum 100ug fentanyl (20ug each time) given intravenously based on the assessment of the care team.
Intra-oral injections for local anesthesia has been proven in literature to be a cause of fear for many patients.2 So, a palatal injection which has a documented proof of pain and discomfort may increase fear and decrease the patient cooperation, especially in anxious patients.5 To reduce this pain upon palatal infiltration, various methods have been tried, like, topical anesthesia before the injection, slow deposition of solution or altering its pH or temperature.
According to the company, the recent evidence shows the procedure may be performed with local and/or topical anesthesia - before, only general anesthesia had been studied.
[7] Medscape, Topical Anesthesia Use in Children, Medscape, New York, NY, USA, 2016,
Three puffs of 10% lidocaine were implemented for topical anesthesia. Through a nasal cannula, oxygen was administered at 5 L/min through the left side.
The affected eye was irrigated with Normal saline solution followed by 4-5 drops of 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride was instilled to perform topical anesthesia for fixation of eye ball (Fig.
This prospective randomized study included consecutive patients who had phacoemulsification cataract surgery under topical anesthesia with different incisions between May 2016 and August 2017 at Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.
He underwent flexible bronchoscopy under topical anesthesia while sitting upright.
The machine is applied over topical anesthesia. Though some people with low pain tolerance ask to be put under general anesthesia, others find the pain tolerable.
In this case, after dexmedetomidine 1 [micro]g was infused, the child could still talk and refused to receive topical anesthesia on the base of tongue.
Patients will require just topical anesthesia, typically with IV sedation.