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a sentence that states the topic of its paragraph

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As McNeil and Donant (1982) suggested, a tutorial approach to summarization includes material deletion, word composition, and topic sentence invention.
* write a paragraph using a topic sentence with supporting details.
(c) Subordinated to a topic sentence (e.g., Sharks and dolphins both live in the ocean.
The topic sentence introduces the idea of the negative consequence (15), and then the effect is reinforced by adding another undesirable Result (16) justified by (17).
My attempts at whole-group instruction were met with absent stares, as I tried to teach paragraph structure and the concept of generalization applied to "main ideas" or topic sentences. Lacking were the kinds of learning stimuli that would build from the child's intimate view of detail to the target concepts.
And once a reader is in a paragraph, the topic sentence should serve as an anchor to which readers link upcoming information, just as they do with printed texts.
In English rhetoric the topic sentence is the sentence "whose assertion is supported or whose meaning is explicated or whose parts are detailed in a paragraph" (Christensen, 1963:236).
Number of essay elements was scored by tabulating whether students included the following eight essay elements in their papers: topic sentence, three reasons, an explanation for each reason, and a concluding statement.
You need a stronger topic sentence, and you need to explain to your reader how this paragraph supports your argument," I questioned her as to how the paragraph related to her larger topic and where the essay stated that relation.
One teacher was eager to implement a color-ceding approach where students would write their topic sentence on green paper, supporting sentences on yellow, and conclusions on red.
For example, a theme will be more easily recognized if woven into the topic sentence of each paragraph.
Writers commonly follow a building-block approach, constructing each paragraph around a topic sentence and stacking the paragraphs together, either chronologically or "top down."
The fourth and fifth rules deal with topic sentences for each paragraph: selection or invention of a topic sentence.
Which one is the topic sentence?" "Um, I guess this one," she said pointing to the fourth or fifth sentence.
Correcting grammatical and word errors seem to be a constant focus for Taiwanese ESL students and teachers, though many instructors try to teach how to organize ideas or write a topic sentence. What students put down on paper is a combination of both writing expertise and English proficiency.