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a deposit of urates around a joint or in the external ear


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an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

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The use of MR imaging and Computed Tomography, and ultrasound is seldom necessary; however, occasionally a tophus has an unusual presentation mimicking a neoplasm or infection (12).
was the first to report in the English literature a case of tophaceous gout of patella partita due to a previous patellar injury.[1] In our hospital, this is the first case of gout tophus, we have encountered in a bipartite patella without a history of previous patella trauma.
The tophus is a nodule composed of a central crystalline core of monosodium urate (MSU) crystals surrounded by a fibrovascular zone made up of inflammatory cells and matrix proteins.
Compressive ulnar neuropathy in the proximal forearm caused by a gouty tophus.Muscle Nerve.
The premier diagnostic test for gout is the identifying MSU crystals in synovial fluid cells or in a tophus (a lump of urate crystals in soft tissue, such as an elbow).
They underwent ultrasound examinations (most commonly of the knees, metatarso-phalangeal joints, and ankles) and were deemed to have a "positive test" if at least one of three signs appeared: a "double contour" sign, tophus, or a "snowstorm" appearance.
A 58-year-old male patient with 20-year history of gout presented with large, painful, ulcerated tophus with necrosis of the overlaying skin on the first interphalangeal joint (IPJ) of right foot.
If you suffer chronic or frequent attacks, or more than one joint is affected, or you develop kidney stones or a tophus (large lumps of crystals), you may need medication to reduce your uric acid production.
Sufficient clinical criteria (if met, can classify as gout; then step 3 is not necessary): presence of MSU crystals in a symptomatic joint or bursa or the presence of tophus.
(9,20) Aspiration of the joint or tophus and demonstrating MSU crystals with polarizing microscopy is highly sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of gout and is the gold standard.
In patients with a long evolution of hyperuricemia and many acute attacks, gout can also be found in a chronic form, having as a main manifestation the gouty tophi (tophus = a friable and porous stone), a tophus being a deposit of small monosodium urate crystals surrounded by inflammatory cells.
In between setting up all the field hospitals I had the opportunity to observe pre-operative appointments for surgeries such as talipes equino varus repair, tophus gout removal and hallux abducto valgus osteotomy.
During progression, other joints can be involved, leading to tophus formation and joint destruction.
Due to vascularization of the granulation tissue around the tophi, one might even see variable enhancement within the same tophus. (7,9-11)
This swelling might today be diagnosed as a gouty 'tophus' formed by a deposit of urate salts in the soft tissues at the joint between the little toe and the foot, but during the Renaissance, distinguishing between gout, in the modern sense, and any other swelling of the foot would have been difficult.