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a deposit of urates around a joint or in the external ear


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an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

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All tophaceous deposits were dissected, taking special care not to damage the skin.
There were multiple small nodules and a large nodule on the dorsum of left hand at the base of 3rd metacarpal (Figure 1), a localized cystic granuloma in the retrocalcaneal region is shown, and multiple tophaceous deposits over the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint and hallux valgus deformity are seen.
After opening of the tendinous sheath of both peroneal tendons, the tophaceous lesion was exposed (Figure 3).
Tophaceous gout and high level of hyperuricaemia are both associated with increased risk of mortality in patients with gout.
It is a uricosuric agent that could reduce further the levels of serum uric acid (sUA) when used in combination with xanthine oxidase inhibitors and be a treatment option for patients with tophaceous gout.
Except after several years of the disease, when erosive or tophaceous changes can be seen, standard radiography is usually more helpful in ruling out other diagnoses (eg, infection, calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease [pseudogout], or articular or fibrocartilage calcification [chondrocalcinosis]), than in contributing to a gout diagnosis.
In gout, tophaceous deposits are present and the erosions appear as "overhanging edges," neither of which is seen in EOA.
Tumoral CPPDCD, also known as tophaceous CPDD, is a tumorlike lesion, and it should be distinguished from usual CPDD.
Tophaceous Gout with Atypical Localization without Hyperuricemia or an Inflammatory Gout Attack.
* All gout is tophaceous. Even if tophi aren't apparent on clinical examination, often they are radiographically.
Carpal tunnel syndrome related to tophaceous flexor tenosynovitis has been reported earlier.
Only allopurinol appears effective in resorbing Tophi (5) and may have greater utility for patients with severe tophaceous gout, in those intolerant to uricosurics, in gross overproduction of uric acid, for patients with uric acid stones, or for those with renal impairment.
Other issues they raised included the limited information on safety with recurrent use and that a minority of patients in the studies had tophaceous gout (39% in one study and 18% in the other).
Its market will be among patients who need that kind of power: those with severe tophaceous gout whose urate loads are so high that there is an urgent clinical need to lower it.