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a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun

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Both The Pea-Pickers and White Topee arose directly from life experience.
In 1954 another novel, White Topee, was published in Sydney.
It became obsessive in White Topee and in her own life.
In her two published novels, the Prior Prize-winning The Pea Pickers (1942), and its sequel White Topee (1954), Eve Langley engaged in subversive gender games and resignifications, including cross-dressing and picaresque adventures that could still be accommodated within the mainstream of relatively conventional narratives.
Frost's argument that the taint of "madness" is the reason that Langley's novels have been "immured in the vault", as she somewhat gothically images it, would appear to lack substance when one considers that White Topee was written, accepted, and published by Angus and Robertson after Langley's seven year incarceration in the Auckland Mental Hospital and well after her labelling as "schizophrenic".
A reading of the MSS of her unpublished novels reveals that there is a plethora of reasons ranging from commercial viability--after all, White Topee had hardly been the runaway success of its predecessor--to massive editorial constraints and problems in relation to such transgressive and radically unorthodox writings.
The pale faces had their own witch doctors called padres, who wore solar topees, khaki shorts and carried a box that spoke as though from the heavens.
Topees is "Layering in the Landscape" by Heather Prince, nursery manager at Wannemaker's Home and Garden Center.
Ordered to return to Almora, they chanced upon a few British officials on tour dressed in khaki shorts and topees who totally ignored them, "because we had not been introduced, were unshaven and unkempt." Their border misdemeanours were referred to Delhi.
It is almost impossible not to think of this in anything but Victorian terms, as spirited public school males in khaki and solar topees crash through jungles, followed by native bearers staggering beneath tents and trophies.
Stella Court Treatt, one of the 'bright young things' of fashionable London society, and wife of the leader, produced a popular book about their journey, in which she recorded their departure in extravagant colonial style, in sola topees (or pith helmets) and tailored tropical suits.
American influence in food and culture is far more prevalent here and you rarely see Uncle Ho's trademark green solar topees worn.