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scatter manure or fertilizer over (land)

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Specifically, we assess the effect of preplant N rate and topdress N source on spring wheat grain yield and quality.
Most of the N-fertiliser applied to dryland crops is topdressed and at the relatively low rate of 45 kg N [ha.sup.-1] (Table 3).
Spring nitrogen as urea was surface topdressed at initial greenup (Feeke's GS 3).
Treatments that received 45 kg N [ha.sup.-1] preplant were not significantly different from plots that received 45 kg N [ha.sup.-1] topdress for 2008 and 2011; however, treatments in 2003 that received 45 kg N [ha.sup.-1] topdress were significantly higher than those that received the same amount of N prior to planting.
The first fertilizer application as first topdress or foliar application was carried out in February 24, 2009 concurrent with tillering stage and the second topdress or foliar application was carried out in March 14, 2009 concurrent with stem elongation stage.
Use compost or well-rotted manure to topdress borders or for digging in.
Add vermicompost to planting holes, mix it into potting soil, or use it to topdress container-grown plants.
Expert tip Cyclamen don't like wet feet so topdress pots with a gravel mulch and stand containers on pot feet to allow excess water to drain freely.
Pot up houseplants showing signs of being root-bound and topdress large containers with fresh compost.
Once you have done your planting, topdress the surface with stone chippings.
5 Re-pot overcrowded cyclamen corms where absolutely necessary, otherwise just lightly topdress and mist to bring into growth.
Urea split in presowing (10kg N [ha.sup.-1]) and topdress, at 12 days after emergence (DAE), four leaf stage--V4 (55kg N [ha.sup.-1]) and at 34 DAE, eight leaf stage--V8 (55kg N [ha.sup.-1]); 3.
Week Standard management High management 1 Core aerification, mow in Vertical mow deep, cores ([dagger]) topdress ([paragraph]) (June only) 2 Spike ([double dagger]) -- (July, Aug., Sept.
Continue to rake out the thatch on the lawn, spike and topdress.
Carry out any minor turf repairs, topdress depressions, lay new lawns with quality turf or sow grass seed now.