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a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter

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This 2K waterborne structure topcoat produces an even and homogeneous structure effect and can be used over all PercoTop and PercoHyd primers and fillers.
Imron 3.5+ FX Black Flexible Topcoat is a premium coating solution that provides superior weathering performance, distinctness of image and a consistent high-gloss finish to industrial applications.
The DPM[R] UVIJ product line features UV inkjet topcoated 2.0 mil white polyester and 4.0 mil white polypropylene, as well as non-topcoated 4.0 mil white vinyl all yield consistent surface smoothness and excellent dimensional stability.
On top of basecoat, Mobile Enterprises sprayed a 20-mil layer of GelFlex, an aliphatic chemical resistant, UV color stable, 100 percent solids, polyurea topcoat. "GelFlex bonds seamlessly, tenaciously to the basecoat," says Pierce.
Houston, TX, September 10, 2017 --( Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Tufcote[TM]product line to include acrylic alkyd and vinyl tolunene (VT) alkyd primers and topcoats for the economy industrial market.
In situations where National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) permissible exposure limits (PELs) for HDI isocyanates cannot be exceeded, (5d) or where the use of isocyanates is prohibited, the exterior of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft are painted with a MIL-PRF-81352C (6) (Aircraft Touch-Up) 1K topcoat, such as an acrylic or alkyd.
If your topcoat's white, it's best to use watered-down white emulsion for the mist coat, or you may end up doing more coats of topcoat than you need to.
If your topcoat's white, spend the Easter break painting, Dulux's new Easycare emulsion (two 2.5ltr tins for PS34, or one for PS24.91, B&Q) is a great choice.
PRODUCT OF THE WEEK LOTS of surfaces need to be primed before being painted, as this helps the topcoat adhere.
These products feature a new gloss topcoat and a choice of two permanent adhesives, and a lay-flat liner.
SinfulColors said the line includes 20 shades of jewel tones offset by neutrals and precious metals, as well as a topcoat.
(2) Apply a layer of topcoat. While it's still sticky, dip an orangewood stick (find at drugstores) into the bottle of topcoat.
Abstract The protective effects of a topcoat on an intumescent fire-retardant coating were studied under hydrochloric acid solution corrosion, accelerated UV aging and natural weathering.
The solvent is dimethiconol in cyclomethicone silicone oil and does not allow an interaction of the salt of acrylic or polyacrylic acid and CO2 releasing compound before the topcoat is applied to the base coat composition.
If your topcoat is white, use watered-down white emulsion for sealing, or you'll end up doing more coats of topcoat than you need to.