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Despite the volume of sales, however, many retailers have found that the profit from selling mobile top-up vouchers is limited because of the overheads involved, including stocktaking and voucher ordering.
SHOWBAND legend Dickie Rock yesterday said the CRC founder would be left heartbroken over the top-ups scandal.
In addition, BSNL is providing full talk value on recharges of INR 100, INR 150, INR 250 and INR 350 and extra talk value on top-ups of INR 550 (talk value INR 575) and top-ups of INR 750 (talk value INR 790).
Customers who top-up with instant Top-Up get the same range of great bonuses and validity as with other top-ups, with as much as 15% bonus credit available," Qtel said.
A FORMER chairman of the Central Remedial Clinic yesterday claimed the HSE knew charity money was being used to pay top-ups.
Bosnian operator BH Telecom has updated users in flood-hit areas that they can use the SOS Credit service that offers emergency top-ups.
It reduces the shops' margin on top-ups worth 10 [euro]-15 [euro] from 6.
The Government of Canada will provide $8 million and $12 million in non-repayable top-up contributions to the Western Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation Association and the Eastern Ontario Community Futures Development Corporation Network Inc.
He said the body is focussing on who gave the top-ups the green light - some of which date back 17 years.
A Vodafone spokeswoman said the new rates were necessary to "sustain continual growth in the top-up category" and would not change again for at least three years.
For the deal, the minimum top-up amount is PLN 25 for T-Mobile and PLN 20 for Heyah.
In a shocking development, one customer in Manchester claimed he was threatened with a petrol bomb attack if he refused to buy an illegal top-up.
Retailers are up in arms at Vodafone's plan to introduce an e-voucher for mobile phone top-ups offering lower commission rates than the existing paper voucher and electronic top-up.
The top-ups are the first step in a partnership, which will also support additional services from Vodafone Italia, including activation and top-up from Vodafone Smart Pass.
SIR; The mobile phone companies are using their enormous power to manipulate margins down on top-up cards.