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The establishment of the data center by Google in Taiwan will help introduce top-notch R&D talents into the nation and upgrade the nation's overall cloud-computing system service technology, according to the economics official.
He plans to use the capital the IPO raises to acquire other distant-learning and content firms, expand his domestic operations internationally, and recruit top-notch industry professionals.
And YOU can win a pair of these gold dust tickets to watch the drama unfold from top-notch seats.
Earlier this year, StreamBase secured top-notch senior level talent to further lead its financial and business development strategies.
Motor racing fans will find it a top-notch survey leaving little out.
High Ridge Park is a preferred location for tenants seeking a top-notch, Class-A office property that offers significantly reduced rates, as compared to Greenwich," said Baker.
This was a great game for us to play because (La Canada) is a top-notch club,'' said first-year Harvard-Westlake coach Larry Felix, who earned his first victory since taking over the program from longtime coach Rich Corso this summer.
Pernod 'Ricard had experienced tremendous growth in the past year and sought larger offices in a top-notch building that reflected its status as a global leader in its field," said Korchak.
Two excellent new titles are simply wonderful recommendations featuring top-notch writers and varied, absorbing plots.
The region boasts no fewer than 20 top-notch golf courses, and the high altitude provides an advantage for the players - adding up to 10 percent more distance to their shots.
Online Resource Helps Attract Top-Notch Field Engineers To Sustain Endeavor's Rapid Growth
The alliance is expected to offer SIOR members access to top-notch training programs while also offering Business Property the opportunity to build relationships and offer co-marketing initiatives with SIOR members.
Two fine 'best of' compilations gather top recipes from a variety of cookbook sources to create top-notch collections of some of the cream of the crop.
Fourth graph, third sentence of release should read: PDE's innovative packaging and easy-to-use interface is a great example of what top-notch designers can accomplish with SteelVine Storage Processor technology (sted PDE's innovative packaging and easy-to-use interface is a great example of what top-notch designers can accomplish without SteelVine Storage Processor technology).