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In 2012, Shell completed top-hole drilling on two wells in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, marking the industry's return to offshore drilling in the Alaskan Arctic after more than a decade.
The year of 1936 is meticulously recreated in this three-part top-hole drama.
"Middlin' " itself is far too optimistic, being the equivalent of the Southerner's "Top-hole, old boy"
A clever script, laughs and some deft touches from the cast make it hard to find fault, but somehow the play, rather than this top-hole production, lacks that spark which would have make it a classic.
Don't get me wrong, some men look top-hole in the Goodwood garb and some women were born to be demure and floaty, but a Panama in the wrong hands will make the wearer look as if he's just been dragged out of the canal, and even full-throttle Laura Ashley can't take the rough edges off a pair of white stilettos and a West Ham United ankle tattoo.
The stepfather attempts to supplant the boy's real father while destroying the boy's psyche; he informs the six-year-old boy that his father was not a war hero who got shot down nor a great pilot, but rather an inept flyer who died because of his own incompetence (Gordon informs the boy that COTO in the log book signifies Crashed on Take-Off, not Carry on Top-Hole Officers, as Fee has claimed).
As blue-blooded toffs spluttered into their Pimms at the top-hole entertainment, the strong arm of the law closed in on the mystery fellas.
The company said the Atwood Achiever drillship will proceed to the Ahmeyim-two location in the southern part of Mauritania's Block C-8 where it will drill the top-hole section of the well.
A MAJOR name in golf is back on the fairway after securing a top-hole sponsorship deal.
'A lot of my horses aren't top-hole yet and are probably a fortnight off, so there is plenty of improvement to come.'
"My fellow is top-hole at the moment and if it's good ground we will see what it's all about," Mills said.