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unstable by being overloaded at the top

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Ex-CNRP lawmaker Cheam Channy, who worked on defence issues for the now-dissolved opposition party, criticised the appointments as part of Hun Sen's strategy to consolidate his power, comparing the military's top-heavy upper ranks to bloated bureaucracies in many provinces.
"It's top-heavy because it's the hardest place to play.
A top-heavy and long-tail ecosystem is emerging for AI
"Instead, it's a case of your health being someone else's wealth, as evidenced by top-heavy HSE management, subsidised private healthcare and soaring health insurance.
Shoes PS24.99 New Look MINIMISING A BIG BUST IF YOU are top-heavy, the aim is to bring your bottom half into proportion with your top.
While TV viewership ratings are usually top-heavy with CBS programs like "NCIS," "Blue Bloods," "Big Bang Theory" and "60 Minutes," those programs don't show up in Twitter TV ratings charts, said Forbes contributor Dade Hayes.
COMEDY actress Jennifer Saunders has launched a stinging criticism of the BBC, slamming its "top-heavy" management structure and calling it an "executive-run place for idiots".
dollar remained top-heavy around 99.50 yen early Friday in Tokyo as traders grew cautious ahead of the U.S.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study revealed that top-heavy structures are more likely to maintain their balance while hovering in the air than are those that bear a lower center of gravity.
Washington, Feb 11 ( ANI ): Structures that are top-heavy are likelier to maintain their balance while hovering in the air compared to those that bear a lower centre of gravity, a new study has revealed.
The body which represents NHS organisations described the EU proposal as "too rigid and top-heavy".
Couldn't all this be rationalised with a Yorkshire Police Service to make the whole business less top-heavy and resources to be released for the front line?
This higher-up center of gravity, or point around which a person's weight is evenly balanced, propels top-heavy sprinters forward faster as they run.
A SIMPLE IRA plan is not subject to nondiscrimination testing or top-heavy rules, and the reporting requirements are simplified.
I'm glad to see your feature on the open folks who have been named to top positions in the Obama administration (though it's pretty top-heavy on men).