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Synonyms for top-drawer

preeminent in rank or position


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Reid saw a spectacular effort curl towards the inside of the post but Stanek again came to Hyde's rescue with another top-drawer save.
We didn't need any top-drawer stuff, we needed something out of any drawer to get us into the game.
The evening featured room vignettes fashioned by A-list designers, with donations from equally top-drawer companies.
The fest had some top-drawer talent on hand in February and they put their Sharpies to work on the Vespa LX 150.
How does one go from being a moderately popular mid-list middle-grade children's novelist to join the ranks of the heavyweight, top-drawer, front-of-the-store, best-selling elite?
According to organizers, the foundation would "annually commission a top-drawer lecturer to address topics of vital strategic concern to the entire drinks industry in a scholarly, in-depth yet pragmatic way.
Especially the top-drawer stuff like CSPAN and NPR will generate both subscriptions and book sales, heavier on the book sales usually since it's $19.
A neutral accent and a bicultural, bilingual workforce provide an ideal top-drawer choice for this segment.
Advanced Applications in Quality Management is for those who already understand the basics of quality improvement and are seeking top-drawer solutions to real-life problems.
Still, there is an advantage to asking for previously published work: you get top-drawer stuff.
95) is a top-drawer 188-page product, packed full of advice and ideas.
I'd like to inform all of your readers Cylinder & Slide does top-drawer work and to not hesitate in having anything done by them.
Having researched the market carefully, Wilton Station LLC developers have planned a mixed-use thriving village, complete with top-drawer residential amenities and on-site boutique retailers.
Naxos has produced some pretty mediocre releases over the years as well as some absolutely top-drawer products.
The $70 million budget called for the rehabilitation of the 10,000-SF lobby including marble floors, elegant brass fixtures, coffered sheetrock ceiling and top-drawer furnishings.