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of an approach to a problem that begins at the highest conceptual level and works down to the details


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Development of ABCS is now driven by a top-down approach that will have to take into account joint requirements and communications architecture.
This one move--turning the one-way, top-down CEO column into a problem-solving, question-answering tool--will turn heads, and bring in readers.--S.
The occupation authorities, taking a paternalistic top-down approach, certainly did not comprehend the role of Islam, which is one reason why Bremer and Co.
A sunny day in Scunthorpe on the other hand is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of top-down motoring."
To measure the effect of top-down versus bottom-up factors, we measured net growth as the dependent variable.
PPR's independent top-down and bottom-up analysis is now being performed at the submarket level, and can be used to easily compare areas within a market.
Aldo van Eyck (1918-1999) was one of those members of CIAM who detached themselves to form Team 10, advocating an approach to urban design that was incremental rather than all-embracing, and 'ground-up' rather than 'top-down'.
While crediting Scribner with rendering a valuable sociological counterweight to conventional top-down approaches to Reformation history, I view his revisionist construct as also able to benefit from a corrective residing in the elitist tier of his two-tier model, a leading example of which he himself has furnished.
It was a typically North American approach to the challenge and spoke volumes to representatives from Rome who are used to a more top-down style of management.
The resulting library of line shapes and their expected images was used to deduce the line shape, width, and separation of closely spaced polycrystalline silicon lines by comparison with top-down SEM images of the sample (the measurement configuration used in the semiconductor industry).
When students are allowed to write in forms that deviate from a top-down approach to learning, authority suddenly becomes shared, an issue that is fluid and situational.
Instead, the awards take a top-down approach, hoping to make a splash," she says.
"Rational Rose RealTime facilitates a top-down approach to software design that makes it easy to conceptualize and structure complex applications," said David Abelow, director of alliance marketing, Rational Software.