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type of perennial onion grown chiefly as a curiosity or for early salad onions

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Bayambang, which is Ilocos region's top onion producer, has about 1,500 ha planted to onions.
Aside from Bongabon, other 2013 top onion producers in Nueva Ecija were Gabaldon (1,444 hectares), Rizal (842 ha), San Jose City (825 ha), Talavera (475 ha), Guimba (468 ha) and Laur (450 ha).
Still under water Bayambang is the Ilocos region's top onion producer with at least 650 hectares of land planted to the crop in the southern villages of Manambong Sur, Manambong Norte, Manambong Parte, San Gabriel II, Paragos and Iton.
production in Central Luzon, the country's top onion producer.
This is a question which this town, the countrys top onion producer, and the Department of Agriculture (DA) could not answer.
This town is Ilocos regions top onion producer, with 650 hectares of agricultural land in its southern villages planted to onions.
There was no shortage of growers challenging for prizes of pounds 1,300 for the best leeks and pounds 1,000 for the top onions this year.
Also known as Egyptian onions, tree onions, top onions and walking onions, these perennials set small bulblets on top of tall stems, instead of producing underground bulbs or making seed heads.