top of the line

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the best (most expensive) in a given line of merchandise

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Verari Systems now offers the complete range of Engenio-based products, including the top of the line VS 5884FC Fibre Channel storage system, the mid-range VS 2882S SATA storage system and the newly introduced VS 2822S entry-level scalable SATA storage array.
Glenwood announced that one of its top of the line apartments, the exclusive four-bedroom, six-bathroom $22,500-a-month rental at the Lucerne, is available for leasing.
Now, there's the guillotine-style Bagel Biter ($35) at the top of the line, followed by other holder-type versions (you need your own knife), among them a plastic case ($2.
Residents enjoy all the facilities, services and amenities of the oceanfront resort, including two lifetime golf memberships, as well as dedicated Residential Concierge service, a Dial-a-Chef program for private dining and the Endless Service program featuring customized home interior furnishings and design, use of a top of the line Mercedes Benz or a selection of other European luxury cars and a crewed powerboat and continual maintenance and refurbishment of owners' residences.
We offer consumers a variety of performance levels from our affordable F500 series up to the top of the line UltraVision(TM) series, but all Hitachi TVs have one unifying trait -- unsurpassed picture quality.